Monday, October 4, 2010

why blog?

I love reading blogs! Getting inside someone else's mind whether it be creatively or emotionally. I pondered recently ... i'm always trying to get inside the lives of furniture, fashion, property and  nic-nacs so why not share it. Maybe there's someone else stifled in the 2000's when their heart is aching for the 1880's, 1920's, 1950's or 1970's - all at the same time!

I love to sit in a second hand chair and consider in it's 50 or 100 year lifespan what it's seen and heard ... mmm the imagination of the unknown ... the nostalgia of it all. Is there anything more delicious... other than chocolate?

My most recent piece of nostlagia that i've clawed back into now is seagrass matting, or for those who remember the 70's well 'honan matting'. These pics just don't do it justice ...

It seems to have been laying low for some time, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across it at a flooring place in Burleigh Heads last year.
As children, my brothers and I would chase each other around a large table we had downstairs which sat on this very stuff. Hot tip - do not fall over on honan matting. Terribly painful on the knees and hands. Instant tears. 
A lifetime of memories have emerged for me since collecting a big 3m x 2.7m heap. Over the past few weeks, every night when opening the door i've been confronted with a smell of natural seagrass which I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing for over 20 years - can't argue with a confrontation like that and it's definitely one I won't be letting go of for some time.

This is the cheapest option for natural floor coverings and if you do choose to do a whole room, it's very easy to lay. The squares are 300mm sq, and you can purchase it in a 2.7m length. If you require longer - just lay side by side or slip stitch together. Easy and looks fabulous. Will take more pics of the space when it looks less like a bomb hit it. 
for now ... meet 'hippo' - he seems so much happier and more at home now with this under toe.  
In my house - anything goes, so long as it goes!... i just adore this little guy


  1. How fabulous! I really enjoyed your recollection....the history of you and seagrass! I must say the seagrass looks absolutely gorgeous.Hippo seems very happy perched on the edge of the seagrass.I do wonder if he has seen his reflection in the mirror?

  2. Where did you buy this seagrass matting? I'm having a really hard time locating any! I live in Los Angeles, but can order it by mail from anywhere I suppose.

  3. Hi there,
    I purchased in Brisbane, Aus at International Floor COverings. This is their website, they're also in Auckland. It folds so easily that they could probably ship it to you fairly easily or they may know someone over your way. The girl there is very helpful. Worth a look. Good luck with it!!

  4. Target sells it in the U.S.