Wednesday, October 13, 2010

stock pile on the up or down?

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, i have stock piles of stuff which are currently on a count down to being land fill ...  so, between now and christmas, i have some serious work to do and then i have some serious space to find.

We've done stage 1 renovation on the house that we currently live in, however being the hunter and gatherer that i am, i'm all geared up with enough junk to satisfy Stage 2 and also 3 if there happened to be one. The easiest items to start with are bits 'n' pieces for the front deck which currently consists this ...

Pitiful isn't it? It's been rediculously neglected due to the need for blinds to prevent weathering. Recently i moved all of my casala chairs (8 of them) off the back deck and into the shed due to wind, rain etc etc - they're crisp white two-pac coat was being rotted away by dirt. Yuck! I'm so protective of my furniture and being that we are quite high where we live, it gets us good!

These are a couple of the pieces that are in desperate need of a decent going over for out the front

all were purchased on ebay so the cushions have been disposed of together with the smell of wet dog which was generously included. I do love manilla cane.

I'm thinking the top 2 will be sprayed white with a yellow painted 'seat'. I have located some Marimekko fabric which i may use for the cushions which looks like this ...
Great colours,although the pic does it not an ounce of justice. Do feel that cutting it up into such small portions may not be the best way to go? we'll see, i have a gazillion other fabrics in my 'fabric stockpile', hummingbirds, stripes, ethnic patterns etc etc .... this one would look great upholstered in a bed head too.

The stools. One will remain raw to go with an Art Deco cane chair i already have, pictured below (try to turn a blind eye to the dodgy safety pin covering with the yellow on this one) one of my fave pieces - definitely a stayer but needs a little attention too

The other stool i plan to use as a side table but have yet to decide on colour - Aubergine appeals? Being that it will have a glass top added, i might locate fabric or wallpaper for the top and work back from that? Or maybe sell on... i'm sounding indecisive ... i am.

My cane lounge that will sit out the front was always planned to be black high gloss and then it changed to yellow and then it changed to liking the natural tone. Shall play it by ear, but am quite certain it will remain as is. I like something natural to break up colour outdoors.

and this one is just for fun, which i will more than likely sell on ebay or store in the shed. I'm thinking white and blue. There's some morrocan fabric at spotlight at the moment which comes in black and white and blue and white. I'm leaning toward the blue.

My partner left for work this morning for 3 weeks so my friend Em and I are off saturday on a vintage road trip followed by vino and furniture painting - i plan to be very selective this time. All I want is a large old doctors or architects filing drawer cabinet - please God let me find it this time, it's been 3 years - i deserve it!!!!!! We have much ground to cover and cannot wait to fossick! we've not yet returned without something we swear we will have FOREVER - unfortunately the 'big' car is playing up so with limited space we may come home with broken hearts! (that is a blatant lie! we'll work around it...)


  1. Are those actually buttons I see on those cushions?? LOL

  2. Ha. Yes!!! can you believe, i finally ditched the safety pins and got out the needle and thread. I really do over-use safety pins!!

  3. You might as well try changing the fabric on your cushions. It would be lovely to have new ones to make it look better.

  4. The colors Marimekko fabric looks very creative. This is very interesting. I am very glad that I run into this post. I'll keep visiting for more of your post.

  5. I think all of the chairs have very artistic design and it is very fitted especially in the garden.

  6. Definitely I really like your creativity,Thanks because you give me an idea.Now I know what shall I do to have a nice sit covers.

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