Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Frida, Farewell Cobblestones.

Friday night friends A & J gave me an early birthday present (and delicious passionfruit cake) at a little soiree at J’s place.

My birthday isn’t for a few weeks yet but it was a lovely surprise.

This is Frida Kahlo - Mexicos most celebrated female painter. I love line art. The artist is Ariel O’Connor. And check the frame colour. Fluro Orange. Hot!

What’s so lovely about art as gifts is that it's something that you'll always have – thanks sisters - Love her. And now you need to tell me where I can find more of this womans work! 

We’ve had a bad run with weather trying to complete this paving but with some moments of sunshine on Sunday, I even managed to paint the inside step of the stairs and parts of the slab wall to finish off the stone.

Once the tiles are stained, they'll match the paint on the slab perfectly.

It's so invigorating to see instant results. Painting's satisfying work in small doses.

The paving is completed. We’re going to leave it to its own devices for a few weeks and then seal it.
One of it's many washdowns. This is pretty much the colour it will be on the final seal.
With the truckloads of grout needed, cleaning them has been an absolute mission. Each stone needs to be grouted separately to ensure the grout reaches the base and blends to the uneven heights of it's family. Time and some washdowns here and there will prepare it for a final seal which will see it in it's almost black form.

They look lovely as is anyway. Now it's time to paint the black part of the stairs. The joys of timber houses...


  1. Hi There!
    Such a beautiful day!!! I've been gardening in the sun.Just soaking it up!
    Glad you loved Frida,the piece was found at The Collective Store,Bay Tce,Wynnum.
    They have some beautiful things at the moment.
    I love Frida & fluro orange too-perfect!
    Was just checking in over lunch,happy day
    X A

  2. Hi, I must thank you for telling me about The Tile Mob. I took a drive out to Mitchelton and even though they didn't actually have exactly what I was looking for, their suppliers are making up a custom order for me. I've already received a sample and they look fabulous. xx

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