Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cobblestone Progress

It was a back breaking weekend around our hood. Laying Cobblestone tiles is much harder than I thought. They are SO heavy. I don’t think that many muscles in my body have ever been used at the one time. I have a whole new respect for the tiling trade. And let me say it here – I will never tile again.
A few befores prep stage ...

And finally they're stuck

Well... almost ...

As you can see, they need an enormous amount of grout which is to come ... but on the bright side of the exhaustion , it’s looking exactly as we’d hoped. This is a snapshot of them sealed. Nice and dark.

(Look at those ratty stairs. Another bloody weekend to waste right there.)

Slapping some sealant on prior to grouting will make it a whole lot easier for us to clean the excess grout off the stone. Once we have the grout in and set, we'll put a few more coats over the top of it all again. 

We have a whole lot of old wrought iron that's been sitting at the house for about  ….. 6 years. Maybe longer actually – I think we had it before we demolished the old shack and moved this one onto it.
We’re using it to enclose this area into a secure little patio/courtyard arrangement. I can’t wait for that to be done, so the tiling was the first step and the iron is the second.

Here’s to hoping she’s done and dusted by this time next week and I have some finished shots to share.

Meanwhile, there is a major shortage of attractive wall lights around. Any hot tips on where to find something Art Deco in a sconce/light?


  1. Wow,looks incredible!
    That does look like back breaking stuff!
    Dying to see the iron work up on the patio-show stopper!
    Really makes a difference to your yard doesn't it!
    See you at Motherwell....your birthdays coming up!
    X A

  2. It looks great! Well worth the effort, feel proud!

  3. You have plenty of wonderful plans there. Yet, I know that it require lot of sacrifices to come up with your desired output. Never forget that in everything we do, invest with your heart and do your assigned tasks well. Using cobblestone either inside or outside the house seemed great.