Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shades Of Autumn

Even though it’s still meant to be Autumn, it has been cold here in Brisbane. With the underneath of the house enclosed now, I had visions of warmth and cosiness on the top floor. No such luck.

I bought this last week and am most enamoured with it.  I was gazing at it for the longest time last night trying to work it out.
The men’s posture is tall and proud, dressed in white with a summer glow about them. Head high and kind of jovial looking. 
The women seem to be the opposite - posture meek, heads down, dressed in autumn tones. The colours are lovely.
I wonder where they are. My first thought was somewhere waiting for a boat. Not sure why. It’s always a good sign with art when you’re drawn into what it’s trying to say. What do you see? There's no marking so who painted it is a mystery.

Meanwhile, I was having lunch at a friends house Sunday and took some happy snaps. L lives in a townhouse in Bardon and has almost finished a mini reno. She’s redesigned the internal stairs, had new timber floors laid and the courtyard completely redone. It looks amazing.
I really love the tone of the floors - they even back the strength of the antiques and colour palette and the glass modernises it. And the handles on the cupboards whilst a small detail are super cool.
L lived in Honkers for years and years and has a strong appreciation for Asian antiques and styling. Works well because she's a red girl through and through. Many of these pieces have moved around the world with her and have a unique history.

These chairs are my 2nd favourite piece that I drool over when visiting. They came out of China and were owned forever ago by a General. He’d had them custom made and faintly below you can see his name enscripted on the back of the chairs.

This chair IS my favourite. This is a Kone Chair by Roger McLay. It was in L's family home while she was growing up and she’s always adored it. Magnificent piece. A brilliant example of post war Australian design.

L then showed me this recent article out of the paper which has them all pictured in the City Hall. Her father was an architect so it’s no surprise he would appreciate such a fabulous piece. I wonder where they all went? Somebody tell me!

Coincidentally, the chairs pictured in the background are also items L grew up with in the family home. She’s having the suite of 6 restored at the moment. I cannot wait to see them in real life. She has no room for them ...

These stools are the most comfortable ever, they’re moulded plywood and ergonomically magical. I remember her looking for these 5 years ago. Took her ages to find and even longer until they arrived. They're from Cherner in the US. They have stunning pieces check them out here. The benchtop was Riverstone from Argentina. I didn't get a good pic but it is the nicest benchtop I've ever seen.
The outdoor courtyard is still a work in progress and is completely different to the indoors tone wise but is linked with the riverstone and a touch of red in the cushion accents. Being that she had to buy an enormous piece of stone 4 years ago (when she did the kitchen) she managed to work it in now as a feature in the wall.  
So private and fresh. Still some landscaping and hanging the curtain screening's to do. The lounge was a great purchase. You can move it around into various configurations, storage under the seats, the double can fold out to a bed and that coffee table turns into a dining table. You pull the 4 pieces up in front of you to dining height. Handy.

On a beautiful day in May, champers in hand with a soft breeze and birds chirping, it was a most relaxing atmosphere.

This painting was done by one of her sisters of the family home front door. Isn't it fabbo!
L's home is a great example of what my blog is about. Nostalgia and Now. Mixing your own history with how you live and what you love today. Sentimentality is what makes this eclectic mix work - in my opinion.
Now, we are embarking on a project at home with some tiling. So I may have something on the renovation to finally share.


  1. What a wonderful woman L appears to be. I think I've seen one of those Australian Kone plywood chairs for sale at Vinyl Frontier at Petrie Tce. They are so divine and it wasn't outrageously priced.

    Love all the artwork as well. Esp. yours. I agree beautiful art is in the eye of the beholder. I always wanted a dad as an architect. xo

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip MMMC, I'll check Vinyl Frontier out. Love everything about the chair, design, colour.xx

  2. Great story!
    L's home looks fab,she has some amazing pieces!
    Love the old pic from City Hall too
    I was thinking your piece looked like a train station,either carriages in background or architecture????beautiful buy!
    Look forward to more EAP home pictures!
    Happy Weekend! X A