Friday, April 13, 2012

Crystal Head Vodka

On Wednesday night a package wrapped in newspaper sat on the kitchen bench with a card and bunch of flowers next to it. It was from B – our 5-month old staffy to say thank you. Isn’t he thoughtful?

B had an accident out at my brothers property – nothing electric fence, snake, cow or cattle dog related. He jumped on a table and fell off again and fractured his knee. Orthopedic surgery (with castration thrown in) and an emotional 2 weeks later, he’s healing – but is beginning to get a bit crazy from his confinement. I’d been flying solo for the ordeal and the first week. So when B asked A to buy me a present, I guess A thought it was a nice gesture, plus we manage B's finances.

This is what was underneath the newspaper.

A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. Yay.

I’d hoped to pick some up when in the States and then forget when leaving NY (and my bags were bursting at the seams). Now Australia stock it! Dan Ackroyd (who you gonna call... Ghostbusters..) is the master mind behind it. Isn’t the bottle fab?

I have this mixed media art work I did back in school which I threw in  an el cheapo frame last year when I decided orange was needed in the house – it’s collecting dust somewhere in the office now. This pic's a bit weird, i had to crop it but you get the jist of it.
Once the vodka's been consumed, I might reframe and throw a water plant in the skull and unite them whilst listening to Death Metal.

Great gift idea for the vodka lover. The bottle is, quite simply, a cracker.


  1. I love your mixed media. It's quite contemporary. And I do like your styling and photo.

    My drinking vodka days are well-and-truly over, so are my Dan Ackroyd-loving days. About circa 1984, I filled an exercise book with the words, "I love Dan Ackroyd". I must have written that heart-felt sentence about 1879 times, and sent it to him via some kooky address I found. He never wrote back.

    Why, Dan? Why?

  2. I'm seriously chuckling over here. You are so very amusing MMMC, you really do make me laugh.

  3. Loving your sense of fun. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo