Thursday, April 19, 2012

old school desk

I was going through a USB to make space for interesting things like tax. Riveting stuff. I came across these pic's of our old school desk which I had in the sunroom for a short while. It’s now under the television holding the dvd player and whatever that thing’s called that allows me to watch chanel GEM. A friend had taken this shots.

You could sit at the desk and see out onto the front balcony and catch the bay breezes.
'A' found this desk dumped on the street outside our local state school many years ago. Nice little bit of local history.

The chair is one of my favourite pieces. It desperately needs to be recovered, but I’m not in a rush because I’d recover it in the same neutral linen fabric anyway.

That’s all I have to say. Not terribly interesting really, other than a photo wall makes a lovely backdrop for a desk…


  1. Great photo - do I spy the desk being propped up on one leg? I'm looking for one the same for our son's room. Vive la curbside furniture shop.

    1. Hi brisgirl88, Yes you do. There's a slight step up to the next room there (where the floorboards change colour) and in order to have it centred i had to put a wooden coaster under the legs on the right. Good spotting! I've seen them on ebay often. Good luck with the search.