Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prawn Cocktails and an Art Deco Lounge

Easter reminds me of prawn cocktails on Good Friday. Yum!
Recipe courtesy of Exclusively Food

No Easter Eggs for me this year. I've treated myself to an Art Deco Cane Lounge instead.

She needs a clean, coat and new cushion covers. I've located a light olive green fabric from Fab Outdoor Fabrics but can't commit just yet. Need to be sure on this one.

These are the two options with black or same colour piping. We have alot of palm trees surrounding this verandah so I want it to disappear amongst them.

Now you know what i'll be thinking about over Easter.
Have fun and Stay Safe!x


  1. I'd swap a Cadbury bunny for a lounge suite like that any day.

    You have such fabulous taste in furniture. I don't care what fabric you choose. It'll be perfect, I know.

    Stunning. I'd kill for a prawn cocktail 'round about now.

  2. Licking my lips for both. I love, love, love prawns. But its you beautiful setting that has me so excited. Have a Happy Easter. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. What Carmel said. Ditto!
    Seriously I want that lounge. It belongs on my deck!