Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been doing a bit of research on internal stairs and in the process have come across some fabulous interiors. Great area of the home to add a bit of confined colour with carpet runners like above

Convenient little compact powder room

I very much like how nice and open this is above

Love a reading nook under the stairs.

This one makes me think of winter time - up in the mountains somehwere with a log fire roaring ....
This pattern on the spiral staircase is gorgeous.
And a couple of outdoors below...

Wrought iron is so pretty in every colour

P.S cane lounge was sold for just under $900. To who - anyone know? I'd love to see it in all its glory once it's showered with affection. It will be nothing less than spectacular.


  1. My favourite are the staircases that incorporate a bookshelf; be it below or behind them. My gripe with staircases is that they often waste space, so the bookshelves appeal to me. I like the look of no banister, but would never do it with kids. (The sacrifices I make!).
    Too bad re: the cane lounge. It was stunning!

  2. We have a lovely floating staircase in our home but I've learnt something interesting. Whatever sits beneath it becomes covered in the dust and dirt that's shed as people walk up the stairs [I haven't managed to enforce a 'no shoes' policy in our home....yet!].

    Like Sonia before me I love the idea of the bookshelves and the reading nook. The washroom beneath the stairs is also brilliant.

    Thank you for sharing today!

    x Felicity

  3. For me, I like the turquoise one. It's classy and it's very Mediterranean. Other types look gorgeous as well; it's actually your decision on what you want for your home.

  4. I love the floating stairs. I actually wanted to have one without having it look very tacky. But the stairs in these site are all beautiful and fully functional.