Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bunny and Raine and Sage

Wowsers this week is going fast and it's a chilly one.

I've been thinking about my winter wardrobe this week and trying to convince myself that i don't need anything. Fruitless waste of time really ... who am i kidding? Look at the stunningness of this cape!

(Last week i copied this picture to an email then exited whatever site i was on. Do you think i can find it again? It's a sign...)

Meanwhile on  the weekend i faffed around the house reworking everything around my beloved room divider. She's a pretty thing. I'll take some pics this weekend when i have some decent light.

Who's that? A friend and I went for cocktails at Ortiga Saturday night ('Southside' was my choice of cocktails for the night - try it) so i stayed at her place in New Farm. That was my bedside lamp. I just kept looking at him before drifting to sleep because he is SO DAMN CUTE!

E lives in a gorgeous Art Deco apartment (my favourite kind of apartment living) in New Farm which she has decorated in her own earthy, eclectic style. I took some pic's and they all came out fuzzy except the easter bunny and this shot of the dresser in a bedroom.

I love the neutral colours. The grey chest of drawers is the perfect shade and being that i have my own love of bevelled mirrors - it's a sure winner for me.

Something else that's been on my mind is a little give away our pal Sonia is running over at Raine and Sage, pop over and check out the fabulous sign up for grabs. I'm desperately hoping i win!!!!
And while you're there, have a good wander around her blog because she's a creative one this one.

Recently she revamped an old spice rack which is now a burst of colour and cheer to house her son's little matchbox cars. This is it. Go see what it looked like before. A brilliant transformation.

I might also add that I am having Indian for dinner tonight. Chicken Tikka Masala and and i cannot wait!

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  1. What a cool apartment. I was looking at them and naturally presumed they were images from a magazine, maybe out of NY or London. Amazing style!
    Congratulations on your new sign!! If you email me at I will give you the contact details to claim your prize!
    Hope you're having a great weekend. :)