Saturday, April 16, 2011

shop 16

Well, it's official. I am the very, very proud stall holder of Shop 16 at Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

It's been a complete whirlwind couple of weeks since i received a call from  Sarah-Jane and Megan from WAC and here i am exactly 12 days later - in like flyn baby.

So this is me.

Love my macrame so it will continue to be a feature i think. The macrame's for sale but not the bottles of plants - they're going to be living here permanently the little darlings.

Some of these pieces will look familiar but i let me say - they much prefer their surroundings amongst so many other fun, eclectic and beautiful things. That centre is christmas, birthdays, tooth faires and the easter bunny all rolled into one place for me.
The carpet tile has made a nice quirky feature on the floor. We had a pile left over in the shed from a house reno and a friend suggested i use it here. GREAT suggestion! I was leaning toward acrylic grass or honan matting. Might change it up down the track ...
The white cane chairs have reversible cushions for the base and also the scatter cushions. It's a fine beige and white pinstripe on the back of the cushions and plain beige on the seat base - gives you the option to tone down the piece if you're not having a red day.

So that's it. So bizarre i'm even posting about this - wasn't in the plan for this year but i am totally excited about this venture no matter what the outcome. Some things just happen for a reason ...

Hoping to see you all there - so much to look at, we've got Katherine from The Old Boathouse and Paint me White amongst something like 60 other stores and of course lil ole me. Have a great rainy Saturday. Cocktails this afternoon with the gals to celebrate. It's so great when you're friends are just (if not more) excited that you are when you do something like this. Friends are the best!


  1. Your new space looks absolutely gorgeous! Clever idea on the reversible cushions, and I like the carpet squares. I'm going to visit soon!
    Have a wonderful evening celebrating and a drink for me. Wishing you every success possible. Chin chin!

  2. It looks wonderful! I wish you all the best! I have another excuse now to visit the WAC soon.

    Make sure you keep the posts coming and tell us what you've got in stock!

  3. Congratulations Liz. I'm going to have to pop over and check it all out. Your space looks funky! xx

  4. Congratulations! Looks fabulous. I'll be heading in tomorrow for a look see. I deserve a break from the massive decluttering I have going on here at the moment.

    TDM xx

  5. I am so looking forwards to visiting your stall... maybe breakfast at Pearl Cafe on Logan Road followed by a wander through next weekend :) Congratulations!

  6. Hi, just came over to your blog from MMMC- had to go back and read from the very beginning! Love your style, would love to see more of your house too. Congratulations on your shop, the WAC is such a wondeful place isn't it- I would love to get stuck in there for the night to just wander around, trying on clothes and playing records. Can't wait to see what you are up to next. Mel:).

  7. The store looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing it next time at the WAC. Amber

  8. Oh YAY! This is so exciting - you'll have to fill me in on it all tomorrow! Your space looks fantastic by the way. xo

  9. You have such a great place. Hope to see more from you.

  10. Such an interesting shop to go by. More and more pillows look so amazing!

  11. Pillows make me feel so comfortable. Especially when a pillow is so soft. You have a great place. I love it.