Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my love of tretchikoff

I purchased my first Tretchikoff about 3 years ago and this is her. I LOVE her the way Oprah loves Australia.

Isn't she beautiful. Her name is Balinese Girl.

Last year for my birthday, friends bought me these girls. Meet Lady from Orient on the top and Chinese Girl on the bottom.

And also the divine Miss Wong.

At the moment they're sporadically placed around the house but eventually they'll be together once i have the wall space. I found these frames to put them in but the top 2 girls have not been done any justice. Frames are so hard to decide on. The 3 above were purchased straight from his estate by my pals, so are recent reproductions. Balinese Girl is an original repro ... i love them all equally.

When i was searching for his website, i came across these wall murals. Not sure where the first one is from but the second one is apparently in a lounge bar in Notting Hill, UK called Trailer Happiness. Fab right?!

I want one.

For those of you who don't know the works of Valdimir Tretchikoff - he was a self taught South African artist prevalent in the 1950's and 1960's. His works were mass produced across the world and is 2nd only to Picasso in popularity. You can snag reproductions on ebay and in antique/second hand stores and his family trust now produce them through their website here. I am constantly on the lookout for more to add to my little collection.

I read that a few years ago, one of his original sketches fetched $480,000 at a Sotheby's auction. So if you happen across an original ... well, i'll take it off your hands for whatever you pay for it! That's fair isn't it? ...


  1. I particularly like Balinese girl and Lady from the Orient. Tretchikoff certainly has a distinct style, and I've apparently been living under a rock, so glad to learn about this great artist. That said they're very familiar to me, so I've obviously seen them somewhere before. The wall murals look fabulous, and I want to lounge there. Your collection is certainly growing, and I think they'll look amazing together on a wall.

  2. These are fabulous - your wall will look spectacular when they are all together - just like a little family....


  3. For the love of Tretchikoff! Will you please give us a new post??

  4. Have you seen the Tretchikoff sofa and cabinets for sale in Snoopers Paradise, Brighton?
    Talk about FABULOUS!
    You can do a google search for snoopers and there are pics on the Qype reviews.


  5. Oooooh, will google right this second!!!! thanks for the tip Anonymous.

  6. Just curious, I have an original print of 'the beatnik girl' (Erica) which is from the 1950's/60's. It was in fact hanging above the bed I was born on and that was 1968. How do I go about getting this sold or ? It does have a little damage but then dont we all when we are that old, lol

    Happy to contact

    Loved your site by the way !


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  8. Hi Lee.

    I know someone who could probably be of better service to you on this one. She knows alot about vintage pieces. her name is Katherine and she has a blog called ''. I've mentioned you to her, so hop on there and email her direct. Maybe even take a photo of your ptint to giver her a beter idea on where you could sell it and what it may be worth. Thanks for checking out the blog and all the best.


  9. love your wall and the information on it,
    the sofa at snoopers was an impulse buy
    and now resides in front of our window in polperro
    beside our trethikoff prints.

  10. If you're interested in Tretchikoff, you might like to visit my blog about his art:

  11. For the 'real deal' vintage prints and lots of helpful advise when buying and selling talk to Pam at

  12. The Lady of the Orient mural is in UK designer Wayne Hemingway's house: (scroll down for image)