Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas with friends

Catching up with friends at christmas time is such a blast. I thought i'd share some snippets of dinner parties i've been to over the past 2 weeks - love, love LOVE a good dinner party particularly when catching up with all different people you haven't seen in months.

Numero Uno.
The flowers on the dining table were stunning. Our friend who is also an 'A', picks up the most amazing flowers from the Rocklea markets. Her last dinner party was punctuated in natives and for christmas we had  pretty peonies amongst other delights and little red reindeers at our place settings.

I had to add in a couple of shots of the living/dining area of the house. She's got a great style and mixes very new and old with ease.

The home is gorgeous. It's modern in design with polished concrete floors throughout the living areas, floor to ceiling glass overlooks a lap pool which practically wraps around the living area and then meets at the back bi-folds which open onto a large courtyard. Kitchen is so sleek with white on white high gloss cabinetry and white/ivory granite. Walls and ceilings white too which creates a bright and fresh canvas for the whole space.
I've only captured one angle really, it's a big space. She does open plan well this one
Needed to grab the close up on this. Love the diverse artworks together 
Simple and a lovely mix.
These pots at the front entrance caused quite the stir. Gorgeous pattern.
Great night - the perfect home for summertime entertaining.

Last nights soiree was also a cracker. My friend 'T' sent adorable invitations in the mail for 10 guests and it was themed with Ginger Bread Men. Here are some snaps of the theming on the night.
little delicasies

How pretty. She picked up these darling little ginger bread lights

Look at this tree. It's like a winter wonderland. I felt like i was sitting in a swedish lounge room while admiring this

I had real difficulty photographing things with this flash so pics didn't turn out or were blurred.  'T' also lives in a modern home which is also 100% brilliant - she's a total bowerbird. Her home is like a museum with bits and pieces from travels, family airlooms and things she and her husband love. She's got a good eye and everything just looks so perfect every time i go there, i love to wander around and observe...everything has a story. I snapped some shots of things i hadn't seen before that i  loved last night, Thankfully these one's came out clear!!

A nordic collection of reindeers - they're big lovers of swedish stuff
This print is just stunning, so much so that i asked if i could take it home with me. How rude! It's lucky we've been friends for nearly 20 years or she may never ask me back ... the little hanging birds in the corner are from kim and judy at camp hill - so sweet

Prickly Pear. A sicilian setting for juice at the back (of the prickly pear) and to the front is an espresso setting. Sugar pot in the middle. The colours are gorg  

And with a momento of another truly fabulous night we were all given a little chrissie gift. Awwww cute! I shrieked with joy like a 5 year old, i just love the unexpected. It's earmarked to read in the bath tonight! She said that she didn't want to discriminate and that the more mature of us can also enjoy a book about ginger bread men just as much as the child it was written for.

Bless christmas dinner parties and wonderful friends. Tis the season...


  1. What a wonderful week you have had.
    You have some very clever and stylish friends.
    The creativity of your first friend is truly inspirational, I think she may have THE best way to incorporate a plasma tv into a large open plan space - the horns look terrific.
    Thanks for sharing all of this Christmassy fun!

    Felicity x

    PS have discovered you via Sonia at Raine & Sage

  2. Oh you're so right. She's done an amazing job of making that TV work in there. She's a clever girl.

    And Sonia is just gorgeous isn't she?! Such kind words she had to say. Thanks so much for checking out the blog.