Monday, December 13, 2010

ferns and macrame

Look at my fern. Isn't it a stunner. This is the one and only plant that i have kept alive, in the house for more than a month. Normally my ferns get escorted to the garden after only a few weeks.
Purchased 4 months ago from the lovely man at Cottage Garden Nursery in East Brisbane, it was a considerable size to start but continues to grow, they have such lovely plants there especially the ferns and palms. I asked how to look after this fern and he said to drench it once a week. Like drench-drench it. Not a bit of water here and there, one big drenching. Totally works people. Look how happy he is...

Macrame is fab, sadly i can't use it for this fern, it's just too big, it gets tangled when i try to put it into the macrame and ruptures it's leaves. This is my little collection ...
I have decided to put jars, vases and light fittings in them to make it easy.
The local demolition yard has a bunch of white round glass globe light fittings. I see them there all the time in varying sizes. I plan to put plants, flowers and candles in them and just hang them on the back deck. Then it's easy to alter when i want to. Here are two i tested (below left )with a vase and jar today, seems stable enough

I've also got a few lamp shades which i have stripped back to wire, i like them in it too (pic above on right) so might add a plant or the right sized jar or glass with a candle.
Now i just need to decide where all the hooks will need to go... and find plants that like to live in water. Suggestions anyone??

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  1. Wow you're so creative, I really love the idea of the jars in macrame on a deck. How stylish and retro at the same time! I'd go to a nursery and look for anything that grows in a pond. Lovely fern! I've a fern (not as big as yours) but alive and growing well for over a year, and I put it in the bath and drench it and shower the leaves. Apparently that's a problem for house plants and the dust needs to be washed off.