Thursday, March 21, 2013

Numero 2: Carrie's Place

This is Carrie’s Place.

Carrie and I have very similar likes. Needless to say, shopping together in Antique Centre’s, Vintage Fairs, Markets and anything that sells interesting objects can cause who saw it first ‘oh whatever, you have it then …’  kind of banter. All in good fun (or so we say...)

In the time we’ve known one another Carrie has collected remarkable pieces of furniture all of which she has transformed to fabulousness. Like these black cane chairs. They're actually a set of 8 and are a cracking style. Carrie had them sprayed a nice satin black and has recovered the cushions herself. One side black and white polka dot and the other a cool citrus mix.
The cabinet to the right is a drinks cabinet which services the dining and lounge which is not pictured (but a cracker) you need to leave some things to the imagination.
There’s always a bit of quirk and colour around these parts. Something left field and most things you’ll be hard up getting your hands on again – or you’ll struggle to (and pay through the teeth).
One of two Bitossi bedside lamps (stunning, stunning, stunning). The Magnolia is homegrown.

I love this picture with the whale as a silhouette. It's in lovely blue tones and rocks from side to side. Super cool purchase from a shop in Surry Hills. The lamp base was from Gold Coast Antique Centre.
There are items you just don’t let go of and that mantra is something that will always ensure Carrie’s place is a feast for the eyes. I love this print. An op shop buy for $8! Where was I?
When Carrie renovated the home about 7 years ago I remember her care in choosing tiles, benchtops and the design in the kitchen. Although these pics don’t show it all, this is the most workable kitchen ever. It’s contemporary and everything is in arms reach. Would you think it’s 8 years old? It’s a separate room, but sits between the lounge and outdoor area beautifully allowing both areas to be engaged without being a big open plan space. LOVE that clock.
Being that the home is one level it allows entertaining to work seamlessly. This rear floating deck literally floats out from the kitchen and hovers over a very well maintained garden and very green front yard lined with trees.
Carrie seems to think that the gardens are in terrible shape as it was alot more lush until a racetrack was created through it and destroyed all the ground cover ...
Not bothered by the accusation at all is she? Naughty little cutie. As far as I’m concerned, when you’re a green thumb – anything can happen and it’ll still look fab. And it does.

This black lounge is covered in a gorgeous outdoor fabric by Warwick and is super comfy. The buttons really make it.
These cane chairs brighten my day every time I see them. We were both bidding on them on ebay a few years back. I was outbid and mortified to then hear the good news that Carrie had new chairs. Good friends get over things. I love that I can visit them. This tables about to be sprayed white. Nice mix is black, white and yellow with some natural timber and greenery thrown in.
Another piece that has recently been recovered is this 1950s wire suite. This citrus green is just divine. It overlooks the yard and screams 'cocktails on a Saturday afternoon' doesn’t it? This is Sunbrella outdoor fabric as is the red on the Iron setting. Really lovely with the grey tones.
Carrie’s always been ahead of the trend. She was buying G-Plan mid century furniture before any Antique Centres in Brisbane considered allowing it through the doors. One of the pieces is beautifully displayed here in her daughter’s bedroom. She snagged it on the road at a Garage Sale back in 2002.

Glorious example of fine craftmanship. It has a matching bed head with connected bedsides for when pp grows up and Carrie used the chest of drawers in the main bedroom.

And check out the dolls house. Mid Century Magic! Carrie spruced it up a couple of xmas’s ago. Cool right? I would really like a room with an angled ceiling that high. I really would.
Look at Ken rolling with the homies on the rooftop deck. He's up there with Lucy and her diamonds I think ...
The picture on the wall is part of a 3-part series of small watercolours Carrie (oh, I mean Barbie) purchased in Paris, 1999.
I gave this little Peacock setting to pp for a birthday. She treats it with much care. If only it came in a giant human size!

A great deal of thought has gone into this doll house. Real wallpaper, real lino flooring, astroturf. Here's the other two watercolours below too. Magnifique.

So that’s a snippet of Carries Place. Over the years it's evolved with additions that have been made. Rendering, flooring, converting the garage into an extra room with doors that open onto the garden. That's the magic of lowsets. If you have the space you can make additions easily without disrupting the flow.

She’s got a great eye this gal and a creative mind that places things together eclectically but with enough restraint to keep it fine lined.

Don't you love looking at homes that are all so different? Me too!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Numero Uno: Anna's House

Over the next week I’m going to share two interiors with you. Both completely different from one another and both I really love. They belong to two of my pals and fellow interiors addicts!
Today, we’re looking at ‘Anna's House’ ….

Anna, her husband and 3 little one’s moved into this Queenslander perched high on Manly Hill on Brisbane’s Bayside 2 Christmases ago. Set on a sprawling 1450sq/m block it’s safe to say – she’s a long termer. With plans to embark on a big reno down the track, Anna's done a cracking job of working with the fine bones the home is already blessed with. They weren’t keen on wasting cash on a temporary means so made some minor cosmetic changes to present the home more in line with their style. They painted the exterior and redid the awnings stripes in a black. Tidied up the front lawn, planted some new creepers and that was all that was needed to sharpen the old girl up.
Oh, and they painted the door. True Blue by Dulux. It’s most welcoming and I love that breeze brick wall.
Anna's style is not unlike that of India Hicks. Both having been models, there are similarities in the mix of a neutral but interesting palette with kicks of colour and uniqueness in all the right places. Starting with the entrance to the home.
This Antique sideboard is fabulous and was originally purchased at Auction. It was out of a property in the Byron Bay hinterland owned by a famous American musician. Who? No idea but it’s a serious head turner and an item that will stay with the family for a very long time. That dreamy blue art piece is from Manly Art Gallery and a fave of mine. 
Gotta love a good hallway, especially when it’s draped in a colourful kilim runner. At the end of this hallway is the rear enclosed verandah (It would have originally been the front verandah and open) and with all the glass, it captures the view wonderfully.  Photos never translate the true magnificence of a view - this is 180 degrees of spectacular Moreton Bay.

We gave Anna's husband this vintage telescope for his birthday last year, a must for a house with a view. On a calm and clear Sunday afternoon, you can see sailing boats dotted for miles. This round black gloss table fits the spot to perfection, Anna picked it up from Domayne

… and it compliments a stunning gold bamboo bar cart purchased through Ada and Darcy which is a convenient distance to the most comfortable armchairs ever.

Ektorp range, Ikea. For those of you thinking she’s bonkers having so much white with 3 young children, the covers are removable and washable.
This room is used daily by the family. Reading mags, homework, entertaining guests. It’s nice, open and fresh with the white walls and whimsical curtains that flow through the lounge. Doesn’t that television work seamlessly in the background.
I've always loved these cushions she snagged at Lily G. We were together when she purchased the homestead artwork from Paddington Antiques.  You can't see it so well here but it is really, really beautiful.

Sprinkled throughout the house are well edited art pieces, sculptures and trinkets collected over the years.

This console below was a lovely pick up from Rylo in East Brisbane and displays another fave of mine. The horns.

Anna also grows a mean fiddle leaf fig. Her tip: Must be in a well lit room and watered moderately every few days. It likes to dry out between waters.
So there you have it. Anna's abode. It's so refreshing walking into this light filled home. So much space for the kids to play. I can't understand why people opt out of yard space these days. My favourite childhood memories have to do with grass. Remember when you would've been out all day playing around on the lawn or footpaths and you're legs would begin to itch and you'd have green grazes from falling over?  

This is a great example of a family home. I simply cannot wait to see what they churn out when they renovate. It will be brilliant indeed!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fiberglass Suite & DIY Buttons

I bought this suite a few months ago. It comes with two planters as well. I love it's proportions. The yellow suite that used to be out here needed to go. It was just being ruined with the weathering. This was it here.

It had recently been recovered in this brown very durable material. I decided not to fight it and go with it.  So ... I added some buttons myself.

I commenced with covering the buttons in an offwhite linen (that's the sort of buttons they are). I did two but didn't like it with the fiberglass. I preferred them in their uncovered state which is a plastic. Turns out, recovering buttons is super easy. I've already pulled aside stray throws around the house that are getting a button treatment just because I can.

The plastic works with the little Kartell side stools. These flower cushions I bought in Sydney last year at the Surry Hills Markets. They're vinyl and in mint condition. The colours are superbly crisp for their vintage.

Now I just need a few throws to lighten her up and she's ready for relaxing autumn morning's with a coffee and paper.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Curtain Tie Backs

When I was in New York a couple of years back, there was this fabulous little shop in the East Village that sold haberdashery and all manner of interestings bits n bobs. Every piece I purchased I have yet to use.

The first piece was this 1.2m long rope thing. Not sure what it's called, and quite possibly it's available here, but at the time, I'd not seen it before and loved it. I'd intended to use it as a pelmet across the top of curtains. Coming across it last week I thought it time to put it to use so have converted it into some tie backs for the dining room.
It's lovely with the honan matting and so heavy. The curtains could do with an upgrade to a more substantial fabric but ... they do the job and I do like how light they make the room feel.

I've just returned from a week in Northern NSW at a little spot called Maclean. In between Yamba and Grafton. It is so peaceful and everywhere you go is attractive. I went into a cafe and they had 'rissole and gravy sandwich' on the menu. One of my favourite sandwiches. They've had a rough trot with weathering down there so hopefully some blue skies are on their way.