Friday, March 15, 2013

Fiberglass Suite & DIY Buttons

I bought this suite a few months ago. It comes with two planters as well. I love it's proportions. The yellow suite that used to be out here needed to go. It was just being ruined with the weathering. This was it here.

It had recently been recovered in this brown very durable material. I decided not to fight it and go with it.  So ... I added some buttons myself.

I commenced with covering the buttons in an offwhite linen (that's the sort of buttons they are). I did two but didn't like it with the fiberglass. I preferred them in their uncovered state which is a plastic. Turns out, recovering buttons is super easy. I've already pulled aside stray throws around the house that are getting a button treatment just because I can.

The plastic works with the little Kartell side stools. These flower cushions I bought in Sydney last year at the Surry Hills Markets. They're vinyl and in mint condition. The colours are superbly crisp for their vintage.

Now I just need a few throws to lighten her up and she's ready for relaxing autumn morning's with a coffee and paper.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

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