Monday, March 11, 2013

Curtain Tie Backs

When I was in New York a couple of years back, there was this fabulous little shop in the East Village that sold haberdashery and all manner of interestings bits n bobs. Every piece I purchased I have yet to use.

The first piece was this 1.2m long rope thing. Not sure what it's called, and quite possibly it's available here, but at the time, I'd not seen it before and loved it. I'd intended to use it as a pelmet across the top of curtains. Coming across it last week I thought it time to put it to use so have converted it into some tie backs for the dining room.
It's lovely with the honan matting and so heavy. The curtains could do with an upgrade to a more substantial fabric but ... they do the job and I do like how light they make the room feel.

I've just returned from a week in Northern NSW at a little spot called Maclean. In between Yamba and Grafton. It is so peaceful and everywhere you go is attractive. I went into a cafe and they had 'rissole and gravy sandwich' on the menu. One of my favourite sandwiches. They've had a rough trot with weathering down there so hopefully some blue skies are on their way.

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