Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bringing the outdoors in

Renovations have come to a standstill. Lost steam really. We may get our mojo back in a couple of months but at the moment I’m just using all the nicely enclosed space as storage for 'stuff'.

We built in the side wall on the back verandah a few months ago which has been an absolute dream.  Previously it was just the regular ballustrade and we just had it framed up and used VJ boarding to keep a nice flow through from inside. 

I think a great sign  with some alterations/ additions is when people dont even notice. That's happened about 20 times. So it must suit the place which is good. All of our weathering is from the East. Now this space is far more useable.
I finally recovered my rattan lounge. Remember when I purchased it? Read about it here.

Flow through the lounge works. Morning and evening - rain, hail or shine we're there.
The coverings are a grey linen. A shade of grey I spent 12 months to find it. 12 months. Grey's hard. It's not classified as outdoor fabric but so far so good.  (Sorry about the severely over exposed picture, it was this or very dark.)

Eventually we'll add some white timber awnings but at the moment a bit of PVC will do the job.

This is the cushion eater.
I'm having some more throws made for this suite in very pale pink, green and a stripe that compliments the 40s lounge because 'someone' (who's no longer trusted to be alone in this area) likes to massacre plush things. 


  1. I know what you mean about losing the reno mojo...your back verandah looks great. xx

    1. Thanks Brismod. Loving the new bling in your bathroom too.x

  2. Looks divine! I love the rug on the verandah. Naughty pup. But soo cute! PS I'm loving the plants as well. So good to see you after a long hiatus.

    1. Hi There MMMC! Great to hear from you. About that rug ... arrived home yesterday. That little cutie pictured above had somehow managed to get onto the deck. Rug shredded both ends. I think I must've jinxed myself.x