Monday, April 22, 2013


When I grew up my mother had a whatnot stand. It was an antique corner shelving unit that had all these trinkets on it. Porcelain budgerigars, dogs and other little animals which had been her's or her mothers. There was a trio of 3 horses in pastel colours that I always wanted to play with. It, like most rooms in our house, were off limits to touch or play in. So I'd just gaze at all the pretty things as I wandered by.

When I saw these two at a garage sale on Saturday I just had to have. Aren't they just the most adorable little dust collectors? I don't have a whatnot stand, 'A' would pass out if he came home and we did. He already thinks we live in an old people's home.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lighting Duo's & storm clouds

I love snagging things in two's and seem to have an over abundance of matching lights and lamps at the moment. In fact. Lighting has become a little out of hand around here.

My most recent addition are a pair of shell chandeliers   I could barely contain my excitement when they came home. I sat and looked at them for about half an hour after I'd hung them. Two get's me every time.
My pair of horse head lamps now face one another. I tinkered with one on the weekend and managed to dismantle and turn him around. They need to be in the same room and now that makes it easier.

These enormous lights are utterly fabulous. But I have nowhere to hang.

And these, these I purchased off a man from Germany who picked them up forever ago in France. They are so unique. The way the glass has been blown is really special. They're reserved for the downstairs laundry and office.
This is one half of a pair. Nice heavy marble. The woman I purchased these from has had them for decades and picked them up from an Antique dealer in Tasmania. They seem to be ballustrade converted into lamps. Well, that's what she thinks so i'm just rolling with it.

These two are lovely. They remind me of old corner stores hanging above the counter.
This is a wall sconce option for the bathroom downstairs.

A few Deco shades. The large one is replacing a chandelier which I am going to sell. It was out of a house my Grandmother owned in Annerley. The little one's i forgot about until I found them in the office. And the clear glass one is rather different. I've been puttting it over a candle to make use of it.
Anyone need a crystal chandelier? I bought it originally from Victorian Living about 6 years ago. It's not an antique.

I need to keep photos of lights on me because I just keep buying them and forgetting about the others. Stupid, but at least it gives me options. It's just one of those thing's I love to buy.

How's about those storms! My friend Anna sent me these pics below taken on the waterfront at Manly on Tuesday arv. Cool huh?

Monday, April 15, 2013

House For Sale - Holland Park

My Pal S came down Friday night and made me aware of this house for sale in Holland Park in Brisbane. It's near my old hunting ground and in a pocket of the suburb which is very lovely.

Graham Bligh is a Brisbane architect who designed the home. Check out his portfolio of other properties here. He said that his design approach for this house was influenced by Richard Neutra who was a prevalent architect in California from the late 20's until his death in 1970. (He designed such houses as the Kaufmann House, I pictured the pool in my post last week)

The exposed beams are magnifique and that rug. I wonder if that comes with the house?? ....

This is a bedroom. A serious bedroom.  Check the floating dresser to the right and the built in to the left.
Have a look at the reflection in the mirror at the detailing on the robe cabinetry. It's the finer detail that makes these properties.

Looking at the stairs in the background, the half wall is extended to break the space. I really love that.
I'm so in love with this property.

Great kitchen. It's in its own space doing its own thing.  The bulk head above the windows is cool.
 Good bathroom. Love the fixtures.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Floor Fashion

Easton Pearson - Snowdrop
Something I can easily fall for is a good rug and with all the designer collaberations going on these days, there's so much choice out there. If you have the $$'s. Here are a few off the Designer Rugs website that I've been drooling over.
Alex Perry - Psaraki
 I just love this Alex Perry fish rug. Although, i'm a sucker for anything with an animal in it.

Minnie Pwerle - Dance lines
The great indigenous artist Minnie Pwerle has some seriously fabulous designs. Well, if you like the art form. If not, you won't be keen at all.

Wedgewood - Renaissance Gold
Round rugs are my favourite and am so glad to see so many in the designer range. Wedgewood have this cracker above with Easton Pearson and the ID Collection have some pearlers too.

Vixen - Voyage - Vintage Lace
This above it my favourite. I know ... there's so much colour options to be had but this is more my line of things. It's like floor stenciling on a rug.

I still love my trusty honan (seagrass) matting and recently purchased a few more lines for a hall runner. So versatile and durable. I was tempted to bring home their recent 'trial run' of the checkerboard black and natural. It's fabbo. Check it out. Gorg huh. I'll pop it in the bedroom. Too much light on the black will make it throw a purple (the sales guy told me).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mid-Century Swimming Pools - California Style

Swimming pools are part of Southern California's identity and are a particular stalwart in mid century architecture, you'll find the most attractive pools you've ever laid your eyes on just flicking through architectual pages of, in particular, Palm Springs.

Post war America and in particular California embraced relaxed living and of course, in a hot climate, what better place to do it than outside and under the shade of a tree overlooking a nice cool pool. Hollywood portrayed pools to be something of a status symbol and so the backyard pool became the thing to have.

"Around the Swimming Pool" by John Gannam  (1907-1965
How often do people have elegant pool parties these days? Yet the 50s and 60s in Califiornia, and without a doubt across the Australian continent as well, were riddled with life around the pool.

Before the pool fence restrictions (and i am unsure if they even exist in CA) the ability to flow out from a property and literally mingle around a pool was quite seamless. Majority of properties in Palm Springs were built around the pool design.  It's still doable to an extent here in Aus with the use of frameless glass. But not to the extent of some of these below. Take a look.

Starting with my favourite. The Loewy House, Palm Springs.
Built in 1946 and designed by Architect Albert Frey for Raymond Loewy. It was originally built as a Bachelors pad for Loewy and was later expanded when he was married. (the pictures look very bachelory below ...)

There's a door that closes over the top of the pool which floats into the lounge. You'll see that they've integrated the boulders into the design too.

I wish this was me below. That's the exact look i would have on my face if i were her! Bliss. 1950 in Palm Springs. Click on this link to read more
Twin Palms. Designed by E. Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra and wife Nancy. This pool is super fab. Sinatra had it designed to look like a piano. Note the shape of the pool itself and the light that the patio throws onto the concrete to look like piano keys. Click on this link to read a great article on this residence. Just think for a second how outrageous the parties would have been there.

Another favourite is the Elrod House. By John Lautner for Arthur Elrod in 1968. This house was in the 'Diamonds are Forever' James Bond movie. Lautner was a protegee of Frank Lloyd Wright and has the same organic philosophy of blending buildings with their natural environment.  See more amazing shots of this home here

I think i'd just snuggle up to that wall and watch the sun go down every night. Mmmm beautiful.

And then there's the Kaufmann House. This pool is just a rectangle i know but doesn't it just make the house? It's all so inviting and resort style. Gosh why is it not 'then' now? I'd be much more at home in heels a hat and cocktails mid afternoon.

And we have The Fox residence pool in chatsworth which is super iconic because it's pool hosted the very last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe. This property was also leased by old Frank for nearly a decade. It was built in 1951 by Pereira & Luckman. It went up for sale in 2011 for a cool $12m.

Lawrence Schiller, Marilyn Monroe, 1962/printed 2011
This is the Edris House built in 1954, this home was designed for Marjorie and William Edris by the prominent Palm Springs architect, E. Stewart Williams. Check out the view.
Bill Anderson, Edris House, ca. 1954

Collection Palm Springs Art Museum © Palm Springs Art Museum
If you do a general real estate stalk of palm springs. Every house has a pool. Here's a few random shots.

And I had to include this candid picture I came across. It's from one of Franks houses but i'm not sure which? I'm thinking Fox Residence because of that brickwork in the background.
Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe with Peter Lawford. Photograph: Ted Allan

Monday, April 8, 2013

Number 3: Warehouse Living

This is Janine & Gary's place.
After spending a bunch of years renovating homes in inner city suburbs here in Brisbane, Janine and Gary decided to opt out and settle into one of Teneriffe's iconic warehouse apartments and their style suits it down to a tee!

Now there are two themes you're going to notice that the couple hold dear. Urn's and Gary's ever growing collection of Versace homewares. (Note almost everything in this picture made out of glass or china is Versace...)

Exposed beams, brick and timber are a stunning combination when paired back with a bit of gilt and crystal. This home is a really great mix of masculine and feminine elements.

The eames chair was an extravagant gift from J to G for a'milestone' birthday and has been put to excellent use ever since. The Piranesi etching dates from 1750-1770, isn't it spectacular!

I love that they've painted the beams black. They tie everything together in the living room. The brickwork is distressed and certain walls painted (BlackWhite by Resin) to capitalise on the light that streams through the oversized windows. The floorboards were original and already polished when they purchased.

Next to the television is a porcelain urn which Gary carefully hand carried all the way back from Rome. In front and on either side of the television are Janine's all time favourite pieces which are two crystal urn's snagged from Discovery, Noosa. Told ya, they like a good urn. The coffee table above is by Kartell from Space here in Brisbane. Glass bowl, Versace (of course)

What a lovely spot to read a good book! I just love the brickwork so much. A magnificent combination of colour and texture with the silk throw.
Gary had this chair recovered in a leopard print. He spends much time catching up on current affairs and new versace collections (i'm joking, but this is the 'reading chair') That sensational canvas was purchased in Rome by the couple a few years ago. It came in a little square that unravelled. They had it mounted here. Modest and whimsical. It's nice how the deeper shade of this brick and the cushion highlights the shading in the ladies hair and their movement.
These apartments always have nil storage. So the office pictured below makes good use of the super high ceilings with full wall storage. The light's very cool, another Kartell piece from Space. Vase. What do you think? it starts with V...
And that's a little sneak peak into one of Brisbane's warehouse apartments. Nestled amongst restaurants, shops and walkways, the couple have the best social life of anyone I know. Why wouldn't you when there's no arguments about driving or travel time!
 Thanks for sharing J & G!