Monday, April 22, 2013


When I grew up my mother had a whatnot stand. It was an antique corner shelving unit that had all these trinkets on it. Porcelain budgerigars, dogs and other little animals which had been her's or her mothers. There was a trio of 3 horses in pastel colours that I always wanted to play with. It, like most rooms in our house, were off limits to touch or play in. So I'd just gaze at all the pretty things as I wandered by.

When I saw these two at a garage sale on Saturday I just had to have. Aren't they just the most adorable little dust collectors? I don't have a whatnot stand, 'A' would pass out if he came home and we did. He already thinks we live in an old people's home.


  1. Lol maybe you could sneak one in when he's not looking. I can tell these two were begging to come home with you :-)

  2. LOL I bet this duo will add a lot of character to your home! They make me smile everytime I scroll up the screen.I have seen a lot of home decor & reno because I work for a social media site that's all about houses/homes and we are about to release an online renovation tool. You might want to try something like this? Our website is

  3. You are the what not queen!!!!!!
    Loving the blog,you and Restoring the Old Girl are my go to blogs!Clever girls!
    Can't wait to catchup and hear about your tales of adventure!
    Looking forward to seeing more house pics too,please feel free to donate any of those lights you don't want,to your admirers!
    Catchup very soon! X Anna

  4. Hi E.A.P,
    Here’s a funny video we created about the pitfalls of renovation ( It’s a parody of reality renovation TV shows called Do Birds Renovate? It’s already going viral, and I think your audience would enjoy it. We’d love if you could share – thanks!