Friday, April 5, 2013

Talent, Giving & Gardening

A big shout out to Jenny over at Jusjen-knits&stitches for making me these utterly adorable little teacup pigs for easter. Pigs aren't eastery but I just loved them so much I had to work them in. The 5 little nieces and nephews all received one each with a couple of eggs. The 'Wallabies' inspired for the boys and the gorgeous pinkies for the gals. Twas a big, big hit! I also think they'd make a brilliant pin cushion too.

Check out Jen's blog and see what incredible talent she has. If you're a creative type and handy with the knitting needles you'll find an array of super cool ideas.

Also, being that I am not on facebook I have something else to shout about out and that's The Australian Red Cross. I've just been this morning for my quarterly visit and their signage says to check in and facebook your visit to entice more people to donate? anyway, blog it - I can do...

Got an hour free? Give Blood = save 3 lives.

I used to be the biggest scaredy cat of needles and it's easy to find excuses not to do something that makes you feel a bit queasy- but you get over it, and the few minutes it actually takes to donate is a very small price to pay for how completely invaluable it is to someone, somewhere.

Now onto gardens. I pruned last weekend and it was very therapeutic so i've decided to do garden stuff more often. We've had great luck with these Blue Moon roses.

Ever since we had the garden they just grow and flower. So glorious and fragrant.

Any ideas on plants that look nice all year round and are hard to kill and sometimes have flowers and will look nice with roses? Does this exist? I'm not a green thumb. In fact, if there was an opposite - it's me so any advice is welcome.

p.s. I have a 'number 3' home for us to check out too. stay tuned.

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  1. Oh thank you Liz, glad they were liked, and thank you for the little extra - naughty! Can't wait to see house number 3 - Jen.