Monday, April 8, 2013

Number 3: Warehouse Living

This is Janine & Gary's place.
After spending a bunch of years renovating homes in inner city suburbs here in Brisbane, Janine and Gary decided to opt out and settle into one of Teneriffe's iconic warehouse apartments and their style suits it down to a tee!

Now there are two themes you're going to notice that the couple hold dear. Urn's and Gary's ever growing collection of Versace homewares. (Note almost everything in this picture made out of glass or china is Versace...)

Exposed beams, brick and timber are a stunning combination when paired back with a bit of gilt and crystal. This home is a really great mix of masculine and feminine elements.

The eames chair was an extravagant gift from J to G for a'milestone' birthday and has been put to excellent use ever since. The Piranesi etching dates from 1750-1770, isn't it spectacular!

I love that they've painted the beams black. They tie everything together in the living room. The brickwork is distressed and certain walls painted (BlackWhite by Resin) to capitalise on the light that streams through the oversized windows. The floorboards were original and already polished when they purchased.

Next to the television is a porcelain urn which Gary carefully hand carried all the way back from Rome. In front and on either side of the television are Janine's all time favourite pieces which are two crystal urn's snagged from Discovery, Noosa. Told ya, they like a good urn. The coffee table above is by Kartell from Space here in Brisbane. Glass bowl, Versace (of course)

What a lovely spot to read a good book! I just love the brickwork so much. A magnificent combination of colour and texture with the silk throw.
Gary had this chair recovered in a leopard print. He spends much time catching up on current affairs and new versace collections (i'm joking, but this is the 'reading chair') That sensational canvas was purchased in Rome by the couple a few years ago. It came in a little square that unravelled. They had it mounted here. Modest and whimsical. It's nice how the deeper shade of this brick and the cushion highlights the shading in the ladies hair and their movement.
These apartments always have nil storage. So the office pictured below makes good use of the super high ceilings with full wall storage. The light's very cool, another Kartell piece from Space. Vase. What do you think? it starts with V...
And that's a little sneak peak into one of Brisbane's warehouse apartments. Nestled amongst restaurants, shops and walkways, the couple have the best social life of anyone I know. Why wouldn't you when there's no arguments about driving or travel time!
 Thanks for sharing J & G!


  1. That's a gorgeous space they have there. Gotta love people who are dedicated to their collection. Have enjoyed all your home tours. xx

    1. Thanks Brismod. Yeah, with the reno's taking their time, i've turned to snooping into other people's homes. Glad you've enjoyed.x

  2. A beautiful home, akin to the owners' personalities. Thank you for inviting us in for a look - Jen.

    1. Pleasure Jen. They've done a lovely job. Makes me want to downsize.x