Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lighting Duo's & storm clouds

I love snagging things in two's and seem to have an over abundance of matching lights and lamps at the moment. In fact. Lighting has become a little out of hand around here.

My most recent addition are a pair of shell chandeliers   I could barely contain my excitement when they came home. I sat and looked at them for about half an hour after I'd hung them. Two get's me every time.
My pair of horse head lamps now face one another. I tinkered with one on the weekend and managed to dismantle and turn him around. They need to be in the same room and now that makes it easier.

These enormous lights are utterly fabulous. But I have nowhere to hang.

And these, these I purchased off a man from Germany who picked them up forever ago in France. They are so unique. The way the glass has been blown is really special. They're reserved for the downstairs laundry and office.
This is one half of a pair. Nice heavy marble. The woman I purchased these from has had them for decades and picked them up from an Antique dealer in Tasmania. They seem to be ballustrade converted into lamps. Well, that's what she thinks so i'm just rolling with it.

These two are lovely. They remind me of old corner stores hanging above the counter.
This is a wall sconce option for the bathroom downstairs.

A few Deco shades. The large one is replacing a chandelier which I am going to sell. It was out of a house my Grandmother owned in Annerley. The little one's i forgot about until I found them in the office. And the clear glass one is rather different. I've been puttting it over a candle to make use of it.
Anyone need a crystal chandelier? I bought it originally from Victorian Living about 6 years ago. It's not an antique.

I need to keep photos of lights on me because I just keep buying them and forgetting about the others. Stupid, but at least it gives me options. It's just one of those thing's I love to buy.

How's about those storms! My friend Anna sent me these pics below taken on the waterfront at Manly on Tuesday arv. Cool huh?


  1. I love the 3rd set, they'd look great hanging down over a long kitchen bench. Have you seen the custom Lampshade store at Paddington Antiques -

    1. They would look great in a kitchen for sure and yes, I have seen the lamp shades. They're so clever, beautiful fabrics - I'd love to know how to do that.