Friday, April 12, 2013

Floor Fashion

Easton Pearson - Snowdrop
Something I can easily fall for is a good rug and with all the designer collaberations going on these days, there's so much choice out there. If you have the $$'s. Here are a few off the Designer Rugs website that I've been drooling over.
Alex Perry - Psaraki
 I just love this Alex Perry fish rug. Although, i'm a sucker for anything with an animal in it.

Minnie Pwerle - Dance lines
The great indigenous artist Minnie Pwerle has some seriously fabulous designs. Well, if you like the art form. If not, you won't be keen at all.

Wedgewood - Renaissance Gold
Round rugs are my favourite and am so glad to see so many in the designer range. Wedgewood have this cracker above with Easton Pearson and the ID Collection have some pearlers too.

Vixen - Voyage - Vintage Lace
This above it my favourite. I know ... there's so much colour options to be had but this is more my line of things. It's like floor stenciling on a rug.

I still love my trusty honan (seagrass) matting and recently purchased a few more lines for a hall runner. So versatile and durable. I was tempted to bring home their recent 'trial run' of the checkerboard black and natural. It's fabbo. Check it out. Gorg huh. I'll pop it in the bedroom. Too much light on the black will make it throw a purple (the sales guy told me).


  1. I adore the Wedgewood! When we moved into our first house (1984) I bought a Flokati Rug for the polished floor in the loungeroom - just had to have it and paid it off while the house was being built - loved that thing!

  2. Rugs can be so luxe! I really dig the seagrass.