Saturday, January 8, 2011

floor stenciling

On the topic of stenciling, i just thought about my 'stage 2 reno idea archive' and thought i'd quickly throw up some images of stenciled floors.

Downstairs will either be raw concrete or white painted concrete.  Either way, I'd like to stencil something. Initially i was pondering a hall runner but tend to slip on them.

Here are some images of patterns i found.
This above i just love. Looks incredible on the aged floorboards.

 This was from a house in Hamptons from memory. Very Hamptonish indeed

I like how elegant this is and looks great on the white.

And this above is my favourite ... easy to do freehand i think. I'm thinking you could use potato's cut in half to apply the circles? I'm sure we used them in primary school for something i wonder if that would work?..... 

We'll have a small courtyard off one of the bedrooms which will be totally enclosed by decorative wrought iron. I like the idea of doing a matt size stencil similar to the above at the entry to the french doors, easy to remove if/when i make a mistake.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've just finished painting (this very morning) my son's room all white, including white concrete floors. I like these stenciled floor ideas alot. Agree the first one is gorgeous. I quite like the busy floor (with the single white chair) for a bathroom.
    Your stenciled dining chairs are wonderful too by the way.
    I remember potato prints. My friend and I did a whole bunch of colourful shapes on white cotton that her Mum turned into bedroom curtains. They looked great from memory, and obviously for a kid! :)

  2. These are all great. I never imagined doing some stencilling will bring more life to the overall home flooring Honolulu design. I absolutely love the fifth picture with green square patterns. Nonetheless, these are all amazing. Indeed stencilling is a very creative way of redesigning your floors.

  3. These floors are fantastic! I have always been ambivalent of painting or stencilling my floors but when I got to see with my own eyes the beauty it gives a floor, or to the house in general, I completely changed my view of this method. I certainly am loving this technique (while there are also those who prefer epoxy flooring Louisiana) especially that there are several designs to choose from.