Monday, January 31, 2011


I've done a very silly thing. I sold this table on Sunday. The chairs swivel... and are so comfy.
I've had it for nearly 3 years but only started using it over the past 18months to furnish a unit. It's very durable and i've always loved it. In order to clear the place out, i just decided to sell it along with everything else down there so i didn't have to hall it back and  i figured i have no use for it right now so it can go.

Thing is, i've only ever looked for a makers mark on the chairs. Never under the table on the base. After selling it, i went down to dismantle the top yesterday. 'A' has always done it and would take no notice of anything under the table. Prior to dismantling i sat on the couch and looked at it wondering if i could reneg on the sale.

I then got on the ground and there it was 'Sebel'. I nearly vomited. Here's the clencher. I sold it for $137.50.

I'm serious when i say i felt like being sick. I was already on the verge. When i sold it i obviously didn't have 'Sebel' in the title. To add salt to the wound i had a look on the internet to see if there were any for sale in case i wanted to re buy one. Vampt Vintage Design has one in ok condition reduced for $650 and they have one they'd sold in excellent condition, but it doesn't say how much. They're so hard to find, I am such a fool! I never make these kind of mistakes. I'm a hoarder, this is so out of character?

On the up side, i didn't sell this lamp AND the lady who purchased was from NZ and so excited about it. She had had the exact same Sebel table setting over there prior to her moving out here 4 years ago. I was relieved it went to someone who loved it even more than i did.

Funny the things you do. I kind of think it was fate. It was the first time she had ever been on ebay and purchased anything. It belongs with her.

I hope everyone has had a fabulous Monday! The nights at the moment are so beautiful in Brisbane. I had a lovely walk with my neighbour after dinner. Most pleasant indeed, highly recommend a nightly stroll before it becomes cold. Hard to imagine cold weather right now.


  1. Sweet heart BREATH. They might have $650 on but anyone can put any price on something it dosesn't mean that it is worth that or that is its price. People can be lucky and fluke a high price. I actually think that that is a pretty good price...I have sold them for way less. Sebel produced mountains of stuff they really are not as rare as everyone would like to have you think. You got rid of something you no longer had a use for and got money you can buy something you need with, and the lady got to meet a lovely person and buy a super table that she loves...If you ask me this is a WIN WIN situation. Hope you have a fab week xx Katherine

  2. OH Crap! How frustrating, it must mean something even more fabulous is around the corner for you.


  3. Very glad to hear they've gone to a good and loving home.
    I'm loving the hot weather, and my only grievance is that my ceiling fans are not put up yet.

  4. My heart goes out to you but at least it's gone to a very good home. Don't beat yourself up. Move on and find something else fab!

  5. I came over from Raine and Sage ... thank goodness for Katherine from OBH ... such a wise woman.

    I felt sick reading this post, but what she says is right ... deep breath and forget ... I've walked passed a stuffed garbage bag full of vintage Marimekko bedspreads that my brothers had on their beds when they were little and my mum gave to Vinnies ... I try not to remember too often. I have my health.

    I'll add myself to your list now.

  6. Oh Welcome MMM-C. I just felt sick hearing about the fabric!!!
    A woman who is based in Nundah sells some. She has a shop within a shop in one of the sidestreets. They sell Antiques and there's heaps of vintage fabrics etc. I bought a piece off her. It's in one of my earlier posts.
    If she's not using it for her canvases than she'll sell what she has. Maybe go and have a look and see if she has something you like? They're based in an old building - it was a mill or something i think. First left after you exit sandgate road north bound. Guaranteed not to leave empty handed.