Thursday, February 3, 2011

a white carousel

I've already mentioned this blog in passing but after just viewing such stunning, refreshing, creative and dynamic images i just had to gush over this blog again. It's like entering a fantasy world of beauty and magnificence which is cleverly related  back to current goings on.

A couple of posts are displaying styling by Lo Bjurulf who's a Sewdish stylist. Just gorgeous. If i could do what she does all day everyday i would be in heav-en!

Kate from A White Carousel has also done a post on the bal masque to celebrate Paris Vogues 90th year. Incredible to think it's been running that long, even back when Gabriel Chanel first came on the scene.

Here are a few pic's of the styling but there's plenty more on fashion and design. Pop over and have a look

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  1. You know I think you could do this all day everyday. You are super stylish and have an amazing eye....I could just see you creating beautiful events like these.xx