Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!

Kawaii for You turns 1 today.

And, if you like cute, than 'Kawaii ("so cute" in Japanese) for You' has loads of different and fun pieces for little one's and even some funky things for us oldies (note books, stationary etc).  I think these cards are adorable. One for every occasion.They come in a pack of 10.

Insulated Lunch Bags. Below's the monkey one. My Nephew's fave... although he has just been given a penny turtle in an enormous tank so monkey may be taking a back seat this week. AND 3-piece ports. These are the various colours they come in on the right below. Perfect for storage, overnights at the grandparents or a little carrier for show and tell day? Do they still do that??? ...

Being that Christine from Kawaii for You is a member of my fam, it would be very unfamily-like of me not to acknowledge this milestone and share with anyone who'll listen.

Check out the website, or blog. She has a 5-day birthday offer on.

very Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a special day this month.


  1. They are all very cute! I'll check it out.

  2. They are just so cute.congrats on the milestone, cheers Katherine