Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last weekend, actually the one before last, we went for a sunday cruise and ended up entering a town with a sign that said 'pictur-esk'. I've been out there so many times and never noticed the little cute sign. How adorable the people in Esk are, and i totally agree with them - it is very pretty out there even though water has left a path of destruction.

Seeing it was Sunday i bought some stuff... starting with this bottle.

 Oooooh how i love that shade of green. She's fitting in well in the kitchen with this curvaceous bunch below.

And these are some shots of the interior of the store. This place is about to burst it has so much stuff - it's located in an old pub

 I purchased these saturday just gone and they still look gorgeous after all of this heat, the flower lady told me to put them in ice cold water and change it every few days
 and these too - no idea what either of them are called

'A' bought me a puzzle to do
 and himself a painting which is really growing on me
Wowsers. It's 10:30pm. Last February Friday of 2011 tomorrow. Where does the time go?


  1. Love the bottle. It would be fun as a lamp base too. cheers Katherine

  2. Look at all the art glass in that shop. I think your new green bottle looks great in your collection too. xx

  3. Gosh you get out and about doing the fun stuff in life. I've a green bottle that I think I might donate to you if we ever meet one day. Did you nab the goats head? NO it is gross. I don't like taxidermy at all.
    I want a day or two out pottering... it's been to long between potters I'm afraid.

  4. PS - I can see that painting going very well with the sideboard you painted. The coconut trees would be very happy together.

  5. Ha, you're adorable. I do like a good bottle. You need to plan a pottering day for sure. Mind you, it is just more clutter ... but it's so much fun!! I agree on the painting. If only this damn TV wasn't taking up my wall space!

  6. I love this store! I see there is a couple of plaster busts and I am desperate to purchase! Am I allowed to know what the store is called? I know you said it's in an old pub but I don't fancy my chances of driving around trying to seek it out ;)

  7. P.S. the first pic of flowers are Hydrangea I believe? I love hydrangeas! The second lot might be some variety of Stock?

  8. Hi Helen,
    No idea on the name.Just tried to find a receipt o you but gone. Trust me,you'll know it. There's one main street in Esk, and the pub is huge and there's always stuff out the front. It's on a corner. Maybe google it and then call and describe. They may be able to send you some better shots of the things you like. I should have taken a pic of the front of it. Sorry i can't help!!!