Saturday, February 12, 2011

a gold cushion

Over the past couple of months i've been spring cleaning various areas of the home in an effort to declutter. The great thing about it has been that i have also come across things i forgot i had.

This gold cushion below was in one of our top cupboards. Neglected. I love the tone and pulled it out and wandered around with it. It's found a home and single handedly brightened up a room.
I'm not much of a pillow arranger - they sit where they're thrown.  

The Emu painting was rellocated to this room when it caught my eye whilst 'wandering around' with the gold cushion - it's got great colours and he's a cheeky thing, look at those eyelashes. Boys and Emu's get the long lashes ...
He was painted by a local artist called B Grolf. I like the style of his work. He's done a lot of travel and photographed animals in different places which he then paints from the photo.

I really enjoy a bit of gold tone mixed in here and there, and i do really like it mixed in with silvers. These lamp bases are in the same room, and are more vibrant now with the cushion and emu close by ....this first lamp base was mine growing up and still has a little round sticker, where you turn it on and off, of a horse and foal. I was obsessed with horses when i was little.
This is the other lamp 'A' picked up on one of his little escapades. He really is a little hunter and gatherer.
They're like two peas in a pod and both lamps sit on Art Deco side tables. They are differing in height. I purchased them in poor condition with chipped veneer in some areas at the base, so slapped on a couple of coats of high gloss black paint and they work perfectly. The original bakelite handles also a gold hue.
Another part of the room I updated with a little foliage. I have a thing for bevelled mirrors and like to keep them grouped together. There's a gross technical devise called a tv next to them so i cropped it out. I'm so nasty about tv's, i should be more appreciative, after all it has brought me Madmen and Will Farrell.
These little plants are in old medicine jars and grow so well in them.

So my Spring Cleaning is working out to be very fruitful. I have so many other things i have found. A stash of Chanel makeup i'd forgotten about, a silver tea set given to me from a relative when i was young and other little pieces that i've been carrying around for years.

With the highs come the lows and the low was in the form of a deeply disturbing amount of clothes that can't be pulled past my mid thigh ... but i did find the gold cushion and the chanel ... and the tea set...


  1. I love your lamps and your gold cushion. That emu painting is very cool. xx

  2. All are such a good stylist. The emu is just fantastic! I love the Gold touch a bit of glam is always a good thing. Hope you have a good week, cheers Katherine

  3. That emu, gold cushion, lamps and mirrors, along with your excellent styling; as always A+!
    Love seeing the emu stare back in the mirrors!