Saturday, February 19, 2011

sunday street sale

I've been over to my dentist this morning at Nundah in Brisbane, and every time i go there i drop into an Antique store on Buckland Street. There are 3 separate shops which used to be an old telephone exchange. The building is just gorgeous and full of treasures.
We have Savad Designs, Panda Pearls and Travels with my Aunt and each quarter they have a 'Sunday Street Sale'. It's tomorrow starting from 9am. Get you're skates on. Here are some shots of what's in store right now.   
The windows are magnificent and remind me of 'Playschool' which was a kid's show i watched when i was little. There was a game of what was behind a window... there were maybe 4 different shaped windows, and a guest child on the show got to choose one and then it would open ... this window above looks like one of them.

Savad Designs import stunning vintage fabric which are mounted on canvas and often sold separately.I purchasesd some Marimekko fabric from the owner Helen last year. She also has some fab vintage collectables.
Panda Pearls has an enormous range of spectacular pearls and other gorgeous jewellery. She has a passion for Antiques so there's always some other 'raise the heartbeat' treasures amongst it all.

And Travelling with my Aunt is a mixed bunch and fabulous! All the fabrics above are vintage, i purchased a big piece of tribal print fabric and a 2m long gorgeous bird and blossom fabric which is used for the inside of kimono's (i think she said?) last year. I never know the name of fabrics, yet love to buy them!!! She has tonnes of buttons and so much more. Stunning antique vases, crystal, hats, bags, jewells .... the list goes on.

There's also a bit of new. It's not all antique or vintage so the whole place is a great mix. Makes my dentist visits worthwhile anyway.

Sharing the love people... 9:00am tomorrow.


  1. I loved seeing what was behind the Arch window today. I really like the architect's drawers; and much more. I will have to pop over that way one day. Thanks for the tour of another suburb.

  2. I love that you know what i'm talking about. It is the arch window!

  3. bahahaha.... you do realise that Playschool is still on don't you?? ;) Haven't read my blogs for at least a month so just catching up! xo