Sunday, February 6, 2011

indoor plants and bargain finds

Busy weekends are fun, more fun when you either locate a bargain, or fix something that's been bothering you.Guess what???? I had a bit of both this weekend. I hope you did too.

I met up with my dear pal T for coffee down at Cleveland Saturday. I like to go to the Antique Centre there. It often has interesting pieces. Yes, you heard me correct, there is such a thing in Cleveland. I think it's called 'Bayside Antiques and Collectibles'. It's on Bloomfield Street. I only found it last year.

Anyhoo, after we'd been there we parted ways as we both 'had things to do'. This was after a lengthy discussion of the great pieces we both often find in Salvo's. On the way out there's a Salvo's on Old Cleveland Road, or maybe the road's not called that?? .... I pulled in and located this table below. $8. Thank you very much.
The exact table i have been seeking to go with some saucer chairs i have.

I also picked up these two pottery vases. One by Scheurich, Germany (left)and the other a no name (right). $6 and $5. What an agreeable day i was having. I rarely find pottery i like that isn't a rediculous price.
My final purchase were these bowl things with mini bowls in them. No idea what they  are traditionally for, but had to have, the colours are fab. A dessert perhaps with cream on the side? The placemats i have them pictured with were my Great Aunt's. We used them every time we visited her for many many years, and they're now with me. All looks lovely together. I think she'd like.

As i pondered what their use was i heard 'i thought you'd be here ...' T strolled in, shifty eyes darting around the store. Too late she cried. EAP was all over this place (i'd been there for about 65seconds). She wasn't into the stuff i had anyways and she picked up some great cane pieces last week from a Salvo's so technically it was my turn... you know it's true sister.

I'd planned to buy indoor plants Sat as well seeing that the others had ... expired. I popped into Bunnings and picked up an array. They were in the first pic drying off from being watered but here they are again.
There's two types of Maiden Hair ferns, a Bamboo palm, some mint and another fern that just says Fern SP.

Over time i've been buying cane planter baskets from here and there so grabbed all the plants and brought them in. Mixed them with my new pottery and a painting i adore and this is my 50's dresser makeover. This was the thing that i've 'fixed'.

You will recall an entry i did waaay back on this, here's the link, so this is what it looked like. I replaced inside the glass with natural hessian. This cabinet sits in the same room as the dining and i just want everything neutral coming into winter. Fresh and homely. I would ideally like to use rattan but it may be a bit too matchy matchy. This cabinet won't live in this room for much longer.

Another shot of the pottery settling in well

And this is the painting. You can't see it so well.
I love plants indoors, they just finish off a space and give it life - in my opinion. I could be accused of over planting indoors.

These, i forget the name of, are in this vase to act as a sort of divider to the kitchen and hide the fridge from my vision when i am sitting in my thinking chair. We have calendars and wotnot magnetised to the fridge and unsightly BILLS. Something i don't need to think about let alone view when trying to relax.
I swung past Paddington Antiques today and i bought these stunning flowers from the chocolate shop. $10. The colour is so uplifting going into a Monday.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. Excellent finds and makeover. I'm a fan of plants inside, so LOVE what I'm seeing here. I'd be looking at the dresser over and over. Gorgeous!

  2. I always love seeing how others display their West German Pottery. And the outdoor tables will look terrific with saucer chairs - a great setting. Loving all your indoor plants too.xx

  3. The bowls with the mini bowls were for chips and dip in the late 70's. There was actually a metal piece that attached the smaller bowl to the large (on the top side of the larger bowl) So, the smaller bowl had the dip in, the larger had the chips. There you go!
    Love your plants.
    Pam x

  4. Excellent buys lovie!! Very jealous of the German Pottery. Pam is spot on with the bowls. They sometimes had a metal attachment that hooked on the side of the big bowl for the little bowl to sit in. Oh and I would be happy if you wanted to pass on my email or phone number, cheers Katherine

  5. I think your giant leaves are called Monsteria? or something like that. I found some great shops in Woodford we need to check out asap!

  6. Loving the bowls, they are gorg....we must try the chip and dip thing!