Sunday, October 31, 2010

she'll be right

We're knocking on the door of another Monday. This time of year goes so fast and i'm lovin longer days. I achieve so much more of a weekend. Who wouldn't want to live in Queensland right now? The weather is perfect.

I've been severley neglecting the house and spent much of the weekend doing step 1 of a spring clean. I also managed to finish a repaint of my 50's cabinet. It was just white over cream so the before and afters don't actually look very different photographed ... here it is finished anyway...

My two fave Women's Day magazine covers are framed into the doors and successfully mask an appallingly messy interior. I just need the right pattern to frame other than white cardboard. She'll be right... for now. 
I also changed positions for my dressmakers manequin. I've just pinned stuff i like to it. I envisage an ever changing collage.
There's that hall table again! ... it's really not fitting in the way i anticipated. Ahh she'll be right for now too.
My dear friend came over today for lunch. In fact, it is the very same person that gave me the manequin for my birthday last year.

She's recently bought a very large dollhouse for her daughter and has been passionately describing the design ideas for it's interior. I mean, it's like 1.5m high with various rooms - it reminds me of that bigpond advert where they show all the people in different rooms on the internet? I think it's bigpond. Anyway, it's big and modern. No pretty pink stuff, it has a sloped roof and she's going to go with a 70's vibe and is currently researching wallpaper. It's going to be a masterpiece! 

I'm very intrigued with this project of hers and will surprise myself if i don't try to inject myself into the design team. Stay tuned for the finished product!!! Well i've ticked a couple of things off the list that continues to grow while still enjoying a rather cheerful weekend.

P.S - I just saw the news talking about that man that pulled on the sharks tale that was attacking a young girl in WA. How courageous! There's so much to respect about courage.

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  1. The cabinet looks fabulous. You've got great style. My friend recently made her own doll house from a book shelf. Her link is - she has some creative things like a flat screen TV from an old panadol box, and sink from a gravox tin.