Monday, October 18, 2010

high on jasmine

The house smells beautiful, finally our jasmine has flowered ...
It'll flower a little more, but i was so mesmerised by the smell yesterday afternoon that i had to bring it inside, which i've done ... in the dining room here
and here
and in the bathroom
and with darling donkey in the kitchen
it's put me in an unusually good mood for a Monday, plus the scales indicate a loss of 1.1kg's.
It's gonna be a good week!


  1. Magnifico love! Meant to just have a quick squizz, but read everything from beginning to end. Love it. x

  2. Great to see you've started a blog!! Love it and absolutely love Jasmine too! Christine xo

  3. Hello Lovely Liz, Your blog is so great...I have been scrolling through. The banner on the top is sooo you!! For some reason my picture has dissapeared from my little follow thing so I am a faceless person...will have to fix that. Very excited for you and so great to finally have a sneak at your fab house...cheers Katherine