Friday, October 22, 2010

those were the days my friends ...

we thought they'd never end we'd sing and dance forever and a day ... 

This song popped into my head last week and has yet to pop out again... have a listen, it's quite apt for what's coming...
(click link, then the play button in the middle of the screen)
Just quickly, and further to the previous post 'the cottage investment', we came across a little gold mine, well a gold mine in my terms, during the reno. When tearing up the floors to 'the haven'  there were varying colours and designs of very retro lino floor coverings ....
Not the best pic, but you get the idea on 'layers'. Amongst these were newspapers dating back to the 20's  plus heaps of 1940's Womens Days which had been used for layering in between. 

They're magic and have already provided hours of intrigue for me, so I thought i'd do a quick share. Listen to Mary and step back into the late 1940's ...

This first one is my fave 'curves'... these are a snippet of varying adverts out of 1948 Womens Days - hard to cull-many to choose from ...
i'd prefer diamonds.
 and the dramatic and fabulous stories in the mag, ... last one my fave here
and some of 'Mary Hordern's fashion notes' ... (Mary was the younger sister of Frank Packer's wife. She was a fashion contributor from 1946-49 and also held 4 annual Paris fashion parades during this time) these are my favourite of all - i always wished i could sketch like this
I just love living in the past sometimes!

It's the weekend, and I can hear a car in the driveway. I'm off to beautiful Burleigh Heads with a couple of the girls. Massages followed by a late lunch on the waters edge and of course, a trip to Gold Coast Antiques.  Mmmm, just the way to spend a weekend in October! 


  1. I love the magazine covers what a fabulous find, what are you going to do with them? A great peice of history to keep.

  2. Hi Stalker1010,
    Eventually when time, money and space permits i'll frame them, together with some of the newspaper articles. For now I'm just loving reading them. I've already used two covers and framed them into a 1950's cabinet in my dining room. Look fab and hide the mess behind them. I intend on mixing it up depending on my mood. Have squirrelled a couple of christmas one's aside for Dec 1 too. I do love them very much.