Sunday, October 17, 2010

a toast to us!

Friday night I fell asleep with the wind howling and rain pouring and awoke Saturday morning to a beautiful blue sky which i haven't seen in over a week. Yesss! Perfect for a day on the road.

It was a fairly slow start on Saturday with the best being left for last. This was one of the items from the final stop. Not what i've been praying for storage wise but quickened the heartbeat all the same, very, very happy with this
I love a bit of industrial and the dirty shade of olive green i especially adore and will remain untouched. For now, this will be perfect for jewellery and personal papers. Great that the drawer sizes vary.

And drum roll please!!!!....this piece i'm ultra excited about and most definitely is an addition to my 'forever' pile.

There's a fair few battle marks to reflect a lively and interesting life - my friend Em and I pondered where it's from, what's it's seen, who brought it here? There was a brother to this one in the antique store in muted tones but it was the colours of this piece that were the drawcard for me. Very similar in it's tones to a Tretchikoff print I have which is in the same room this will reside. I can't stop looking at it even as i type this.

What else ... aha, this table cloth. Mint condition - never been used map of Queensland.

The splash back in our home has been put off and off (for 3 years) due to indecision between mirrored or white subway tiles. I'd recently decided, prior to committing to something more permanent, i'd use vintage teatowels  (put them behind glass and attach flat to the wall) but hadn't found the right match to my 'Welcome to Melbourne' towel i was adament i was using...and then i found this yesterday. Perfect size and so fabulous to look at. It's about the size of a card table.

I also nabbed a large linen tasmanian table cloth, a bunch of vintage scarves, (which have been committed to a curtain and cushions) and about 14 records heavily weighted by the hits of the 80's.

My travelling companion had a cracker. Equipped with a list of items she was determined to find, she came home pretty pleased. Em loves australiana. Evey time we go scrounging for things, she'll wander around with little dishes that have australian towns on them and yesterday was no different with her quest of australian only linen teatowels. She plans to re-cover her dining table chairs with them and paint the chairs in a complimentary colour to the towel. Hot pink, orange, turqoise etc. Cannot wait to see the end result and will be sure to share. She snagged some vintage dresses, crystal trays, knitted items. Quite the mixed bag.
We nearly finished painting last night - well we bought paint but didn't physically paint anything so it was close, you know? My partner phoned in as we were on the way home, he said 'so, what are you doing now? Going home to drink wine and talk about the junk you bought today?'. Yes, yes that is correct. We flicked on the record player and toasted to a successful day ... several times.

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  1. Wow...what a productive adventure! The only thing I managed to purchase on my weekend journey to a local Indian food store was a Sheesha...but may I add it is very gorgeous and has the most fabulous selection of colours.I think I could see one in your house! Can't wait to have a crack!