Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my 'sunroom' ...

or front verandah. Whatever you call it.

I came home this afternoon and sat in my usual chair in what i call my sunroom. This chair was given to me by, let's call him 'A', i'm over saying 'partner'. A christmas gift 2 years ago and is too comfortable for words.  I read sitting on this chair, contemplate, talk on the phone, do crosswords and often just enjoy a cold sav blanc while pondering fabrics. Yes, fabrics. I have too many right now that it's clouding my thoughts and the chair is the only thing that helps me see the trees for the woods.
The room is my space. There are windows all around and a set of french doors onto the front deck which make it bright and alive. We live with a nature strip across the road I look and listen to nature, it's all green outside and the birds chirp and often little miners sleep in the palm tree outside the window at night. Adorable. I'm a big indoor plant person, a part of the 70's i've clung onto... my large golden palm has recently been escorted to the garden. I'm not a green thumb ... but i do try.
This room also holds those dear to me - when we renovated i just had to have a photo wall. It's much more uplifting when i have a whole wall of memories to look at and add to.
I guess everyone has a little spot in their home that they retreat to when they want to relax or need time out. This is mine. It's due for a summer overhaul, hence the pondering on fabric and will overlook the christmas tree in the dining room come december 1. Ripper - love christmas.

I'm sitting here as i type this and bats have moved in to eat something in the trees. How does one get rid of bats? One doesn't i suppose... let's hope they find dinner elsewhere - soon, or i'll have to get out the shotgun - joking peeps!


  1. You have a Robert Dunlop chair? Very cool. x

  2. Hey Liz,have finally fixed my following picture so I am no longer a faceless person..yey. The trick with the bats is to get rid of the fruit on the trees. They always come to those big palms at my place when they fruit so I get the fruit chopped out. Oh and your room is so lovely,xx Katherine

  3. Thanks brismod - it's a tough looking chair.Like it alot.

    Katherine, great tip on the bats. They're driving me crazy!!!!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that you made my night by letting me know that I had made your night - the old "what goes around comes around" is working wonders tonight.

    I love your sun room by the way, oh and that fabulous looking creature lounging on your header.


  5. Well, what can I say? You have a very nice Sun Room. And just by looking at it, I can tell that the room is pretty relaxing.

  6. Well, what can I say? You have a very nice Sun Room. And just by looking at it, I can tell that the room is pretty relaxing.