Thursday, October 7, 2010


What a glorious day! ... and to top it off, the golf course i drive past on the way to work were cutting their grass on the footpath this morning. Ooooh freshly cut grass, there’s so much I love about it.
The colour, the smell the feel. Sauntering  around the yard without shoes late afternoon, or laying out a blanket to read a book while digging your toes into cool, lush grass.

from seagrass to grass-grass and it's many disguises  .....

so refreshing just looking at it ...

Bunnings do a long pile acrylic grass, which i was sooo distracted by when looking at lino a while back - my god it's a good fake (until you touch it)!
Great if you want to add a splash of colour to a back deck or entertaining area without having to worry about water damage? I'm always moving things around in an effort to dodge unexpected weather so a workable rug or mat has been a struggle - unless i only bring it out for 'special occasions' which is silly. From memory it's about $70 p/m and it's 2m in width i think? (this was last year, so $$'s may have changed) 

oh, and i also came across a pic online featuring the seagrass matting ... so hard to find

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  1. Oh.....I recall my travels and grass springs to mind on a road trip in southern
    Sweden. I was memorised by grass growing out of a roof! I had never seen
    such a wonderful thing.