Wednesday, October 27, 2010

summers 'a' comin ... and so is outdoor entertaining!!!!

That's what i'm talkin bout! I LOVE outdoor entertaining.

Summer time in Queensland for me is all about bbq’s, seafood, spritzers and being amongst nature. Sooo exciting that it’s that time of year where i can start considering what i’ll do for summer entertaining!!! I’m thinking late afternoon - long table – white paper lanterns - bentwood chairs – crystal - silverware – mixed banquet – candles ...

Here are the only images i can get my hands on to get me in the mood. 
The first = instant relaxation.

I do love a good hay bail. You can hire them you know. Would look fabulous wrapped in fabric just around the middle and tied off with thick string  so you can see the hay from the sides, get me?--  nice mix with the bentwoods  ... could do with a bit of wrought in there too. Aha, how about a long hay bail table, wrought iron on top (old intricate door and large place matts to prevent instability) cushions for chairs ... ? i can visualise it, not sure i've relayed that one very well.
Oh colour, the pic with the umbrella reminds of that movie 'under a tuscan sun' for some reason

We have a huge park near us and i have been daydreaming about using it for a big picnic. It's like an oasis that is covered all around by trees and then you walk through a path to an open field of green and views of mountains. Rather glorious-to date i've only used it to hit around golf balls, it's so pretty.

A boot picnic in the mountains perhaps? Mine wouldn't look quite so civilised. Great car.
And this, well this little number i am smitten with!
I have jars and bottles from here to Africa. Paper lanterns out - bottles in.

Hello summer.



  1. All gorgeous images. Outdoor entertaining is the best I concur.

  2. OMG, you have a great imagination, I wish I was that creative!

  3. EAP you are an inspiration!! Loving it, all of it!!