Wednesday, January 12, 2011

brisbane's east begins to feel it

This is kind of old news now as it's more than probable become worse, but here are some shots of beautiful Bulimba at about 4pm today - the drain pipes were backing up and pushing water up into the lower areas.

 That's Hawthorne Road ahead (above pic)
 This is part of the new development on the waters edge at Bulimba
 There are a number of 3 storey homes on the water that face over to Hamilton. The bottom levels being basement which are garages and whatever else. Bags are stacked high to prevent water flooding down below
 Trucks find higher ground out on Lytton Road away from the low lying areas around Hemmant

Towing boats pull reckless pontoons out of the river and  look to be storing them down Wynnum Creek to prevent more debris being released into the bay
The blue skies and sun shine over the bay which is a colour i hope i never ever see again. In the distance you can just make out where the river water meets the ocean in this pic, it's so defined in real life though, like when you pour balsamic vinegar into olive oil . This was after lunch. It's brown as far as they eye can see and fairly angry out there now. Those poor fish.

I bought today's paper which as you can see is covered in plastic. I dread what tomorrow's front page will look like. I see the city skyline in the distance and find it hard to believe the images on tv are what is occuring below. The birds are chirping out here on the bayside like everything's ok.

Grantham is a town no longer. A Current Affair is on right now and it's heart breaking - this is such a deeply saddening tragedy. It makes me feel sick like i'm sure everyone else.I was in Ipswich a couple of months ago scrounging for antiques. I cannot believe my eyes. The water levels are astronomical.

Thankfully our water is still clean in Brisbane and useable and if anything, the drought taught us how to conserve it. We'll need alot of clean water to wash away this mess.


  1. Thanks for the updates. Please keep us posted. It must be so unsettling for you right now. Stay safe.
    Megs x

  2. There is no words is there but unbelievable! Shops are open in bulimba today water still on Hawthorne road xx katherine

  3. It was great to meet you today volunteering to help the Brisbane flood cleanup. And a bonus to discover your blog - I have become a follower! Cate