Monday, January 3, 2011

Well Hello!!...and ...

Happy New Year!!!

What a crazy busy time it is coming into Christmas. My eye has not been on the blog ball at all. And the weather???...

A dear friend and her other half came up from Melbourne for a glorious week on the Sunshine Coast. We stayed up last Tuesday night. CYCLONIC!

My cousin was over with her BF for the first time from the UK and spent 10 days in what they thought would be stunning barrier reef exploring. Negative. They came to Brissie on their way through to Byron and went to Lone Pine Zoo and held a koala. She beamed like a 5 year old when she told me. Bless.  On the subject of wildlife, I then told her about a snake that got into my mothers avery and ate her birds. She was terrified. She's been staying with them for a few days so i then thought it a little unecessary of me to make her trip more stressful. I reminded her that she is not at all like a finch and the snake will think she's too big to eat anyway. 

Koalas are so adorable. This is one that i snapped across the road from us 2 christmases ago in a tree. Cutie Pie! He allowed me to get so close to him.
Meanwhile, prior to christmas a friend put together a little morn-t for the lovely Julie over at Restoring the Old Girl. She had decided to stop her blog, which pray she reconsiders??? This is a few pic's of our little get together.

The cake. 'Restoring The Old Girl .. To Be Continued" ...
'A' had taken this pic prior to us getting there. By the time we arrived letters were missing and had ended up in her daughters little tummy.

 It's not Morning Tea without the silverware
 Or bubbles
 I took note of any cosmetic changes to my surroundings, which included these fab cushions above, and these motifs below. They'd look so pretty all lit for christmas
And this sculpture I eyeballed the second she came back from a trip to Europe. I just love it. I can't remember if it was a Paris or London antique store purchase though. Either/Or, I would have tried to pocket it again if I hadn't decided to accessorise with a clutch instead of a tote. Damn it!
The weather has been so lovely yesterday and today. We went over to Tangalooma and there must've been about 100 boats there. People everywhere and the water was a shade of light green/yellow due to all the rain. Normally I wouldn't think of throwing my body into something so offensive looking, but kids and old people seemed be doing it so i thought, what the heck! Water was divine.

Like the other 5000 peeps around Brisbane, we had a clean out today and made a trip to the dump, which had a line up like a nightclub ladies room. We unloaded a Genoa 3-piece lounge suite. I sulked about it and looked at it longingly as it was strewn over the rail into a pit of filth. Cushions flinging everywhere. Not my choice!

Aside from this false start, 2011 is going to be a good year. Here's to looking forward! ... and all the best with your new years resolutions.

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  1. Happy New Yr! Gosh you ladies do morning tea in style. We have annual memberships to Lone Pine (as one does when you need to entertain a 2 & 4 year old.) Koalas are like teddy bears. Did you try to get rid of the couch on Gumtree? I've gotten rid of crazy stuff for free using that site, and think it's a god send as it saves me a trip to the dump.