Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baby showers and bad weather

My friend S is 'expecting' and we celebrated with a baby shower which i hosted for her yesterday.

The initial plan was New Farm Park.
I'd pictured the 32 of us gathering under and around a white marquee with a long table covered in a floaty white cloth with yellow flowers and a scatter of white chairs and picnic blankets... the sun would be shining blah blah etc etc ....................and it would be the perfect January Sunday

This wasn't to be and on Friday, after nearly being swallowed up by my own soggy lawn, we made the call to relocate the festivities around the corner to her place in New Farm. It turned out beautifully!

 This table is gorgeous and made a stunning setting
S and her husband live in a 2-storey unit in New Farm. The living area and balcony is a good size so could house everyone comfortably.
 Food, food and more food ...
Champagne, Lemonade and Soda Water with Lime and Lemon. Refreshing in the humidity.

Hanging above the outside table, i used 6 glass baubles for a bit of theming
They were hung on fishing wire at different levels with little stuffed toys in some and fresh flowers in the others. I also added pink felt circles to the fishing line in some spots to pretty is up. After all, we have no idea what she's having ...
The cute toys i picked up from Ikea. I tried to get a full length photo of this hanging decoration but with the glare and rain in the background it didn't turn out
The nursery is coming together. S's husband painted the walls a deep navy blue and had a half wall of vj's installed which are white. She has a few ideas on curtains but will wait to see what she has before making a final decision.

We prettied the room up for the 'shower'... i really do think it's a girl
On a fine day the river and city looks so lovely, the rain made it seem like a distant memory yesterday

Meanwhile, another friend was at home, fresh out of hospital with her second child. A beautiful baby girl ... Elise. She is the most delicate little thing. I'm delivering this to her tomorrow ...
I hear about how people buy the front page of newspapers from the day friends or family are born to celebrate a milestone birthday. I thought i'd nip it in the bud now and just frame the whole paper. Once Elise is old enough we can read the paper together, and hopefully she will do the same with her children and grandchildren in the years to come.

On a little plaque at the bottom is her full name time of birth and weight.

This little two piece number's adorable. I made the brooch this arv out of some vintage fabric i've had kicking around. I'm on the hunt for a little white beanie for winter. The brooch will look so cute pinned to the side. I need more work on my templatei think - could be a nicer shape.

This flash flooding in Toowoomba is terrible. I'm watching the late news as i type. My brother and his family live on a property outside of Grantham, their dwelling is on a high spot thankfully. Up until yesterday, he'd been able to get out for work etc and was towing people out of deep water at every corner.

It is heart warming to see how our communities support one another in times like this. I just feel so helpless watching people lose everything they have and it just looks to be getting worse and worse. I suppose all we can do is give what we can to help people re build their lives when this is finally all over.


  1. Hey Lovely, Hope you are good and dry at Lota. We have just cleared out the garden centre but we are hopeful that the wac will be fine. It isjust so awful isn't it! Loved your styling....I think you need to change careers...you are a natural born designer/stylist, cheers Katherine xxx

  2. Hello, just catching up with everyone slowly. What a beautiful baby shower. The room in navy is gorgeous and I loved the glass baubles. I agree with Katherine on the stylist comments!