Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vicente Wolf = Brilliant!

When conducting research on painted white floors mid last year, i came across the most a-maz-ing loft in New York which belongs to an extremely talented self taught Interior Designer and Photographer called Vicente Wolf.  Having been in the business for over 30 years he holds the most refined and eclectic taste in design - in my opinion. I love, love, love, love this loft ...

Love the mix of period pieces with cutting edge design

 Love the floor and all the natural light streaming through. White is so versatile and this loft is exactly how i want the floors to look downstairs. I have a 3-fold mirrored room divider screen to go downstairs when it's done, it's trimmed in gold. Goodness, i want these floors now so i can see what it will look like! 
I think he uses his loft as an office as well ... his photography displayed on the different chairs looks fab. All the framing around the loft looks amazing. Warms up the white. Our office is floor to ceiling with vintage and new framed and canvassed pictures and looks nothing like this. Ugh! It's the floors fault.

And the man himself. Vicente Wolf.
That table in the background reminds me of an ebay purchase i forgot to bid on. It happens too often, it really is heartbreaking.

So while thinking further about white concrete floors i decided to think further on Vicente and stumbled across his blog. I haven't had a massive look through as yet, i just found it today but i'm sure it will be chock full of no less than stunning interiors and photography.


This was a refreshing break from the trauma of the last few weeks. It's been a hard reality. I do hope everyone is beginning to recover. It's still just the beginning really for so many people. I had to work in the CBD yesterday and it was business as usual. Aside from some large mounds of rubbish and shopfronts closed, central CBD was as it was 3 weeks ago. Bizarre that there's been a  natural disaster in between.

The write up in today's QWeekend by Matthew Condon on the flooding across the state, is so well written and the emotion well depicted. Qld readers - grab a coffee and have a read. I've stashed it in my keepsake pile. Cross fingers we won't see something like this again for a very, very long time.

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  1. Jinx I too found Vincente's site with my white floor search. Stunning apartment and decor. What's not to love?! Fingers are crossed.