Monday, April 15, 2013

House For Sale - Holland Park

My Pal S came down Friday night and made me aware of this house for sale in Holland Park in Brisbane. It's near my old hunting ground and in a pocket of the suburb which is very lovely.

Graham Bligh is a Brisbane architect who designed the home. Check out his portfolio of other properties here. He said that his design approach for this house was influenced by Richard Neutra who was a prevalent architect in California from the late 20's until his death in 1970. (He designed such houses as the Kaufmann House, I pictured the pool in my post last week)

The exposed beams are magnifique and that rug. I wonder if that comes with the house?? ....

This is a bedroom. A serious bedroom.  Check the floating dresser to the right and the built in to the left.
Have a look at the reflection in the mirror at the detailing on the robe cabinetry. It's the finer detail that makes these properties.

Looking at the stairs in the background, the half wall is extended to break the space. I really love that.
I'm so in love with this property.

Great kitchen. It's in its own space doing its own thing.  The bulk head above the windows is cool.
 Good bathroom. Love the fixtures.


  1. That's my Barbie Dream House....but for the $2M + that they're asking for means it will remain a dream...Boo! xx

    1. Really? I wondered what they were asking. Ugh! Dream for me too.x

  2. Oh to die for! No cheque writing for me either I'm afraid :-(

  3. Wow,wow,wow...these rooms are fabulous!!
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