Monday, March 18, 2013

Numero Uno: Anna's House

Over the next week I’m going to share two interiors with you. Both completely different from one another and both I really love. They belong to two of my pals and fellow interiors addicts!
Today, we’re looking at ‘Anna's House’ ….

Anna, her husband and 3 little one’s moved into this Queenslander perched high on Manly Hill on Brisbane’s Bayside 2 Christmases ago. Set on a sprawling 1450sq/m block it’s safe to say – she’s a long termer. With plans to embark on a big reno down the track, Anna's done a cracking job of working with the fine bones the home is already blessed with. They weren’t keen on wasting cash on a temporary means so made some minor cosmetic changes to present the home more in line with their style. They painted the exterior and redid the awnings stripes in a black. Tidied up the front lawn, planted some new creepers and that was all that was needed to sharpen the old girl up.
Oh, and they painted the door. True Blue by Dulux. It’s most welcoming and I love that breeze brick wall.
Anna's style is not unlike that of India Hicks. Both having been models, there are similarities in the mix of a neutral but interesting palette with kicks of colour and uniqueness in all the right places. Starting with the entrance to the home.
This Antique sideboard is fabulous and was originally purchased at Auction. It was out of a property in the Byron Bay hinterland owned by a famous American musician. Who? No idea but it’s a serious head turner and an item that will stay with the family for a very long time. That dreamy blue art piece is from Manly Art Gallery and a fave of mine. 
Gotta love a good hallway, especially when it’s draped in a colourful kilim runner. At the end of this hallway is the rear enclosed verandah (It would have originally been the front verandah and open) and with all the glass, it captures the view wonderfully.  Photos never translate the true magnificence of a view - this is 180 degrees of spectacular Moreton Bay.

We gave Anna's husband this vintage telescope for his birthday last year, a must for a house with a view. On a calm and clear Sunday afternoon, you can see sailing boats dotted for miles. This round black gloss table fits the spot to perfection, Anna picked it up from Domayne

… and it compliments a stunning gold bamboo bar cart purchased through Ada and Darcy which is a convenient distance to the most comfortable armchairs ever.

Ektorp range, Ikea. For those of you thinking she’s bonkers having so much white with 3 young children, the covers are removable and washable.
This room is used daily by the family. Reading mags, homework, entertaining guests. It’s nice, open and fresh with the white walls and whimsical curtains that flow through the lounge. Doesn’t that television work seamlessly in the background.
I've always loved these cushions she snagged at Lily G. We were together when she purchased the homestead artwork from Paddington Antiques.  You can't see it so well here but it is really, really beautiful.

Sprinkled throughout the house are well edited art pieces, sculptures and trinkets collected over the years.

This console below was a lovely pick up from Rylo in East Brisbane and displays another fave of mine. The horns.

Anna also grows a mean fiddle leaf fig. Her tip: Must be in a well lit room and watered moderately every few days. It likes to dry out between waters.
So there you have it. Anna's abode. It's so refreshing walking into this light filled home. So much space for the kids to play. I can't understand why people opt out of yard space these days. My favourite childhood memories have to do with grass. Remember when you would've been out all day playing around on the lawn or footpaths and you're legs would begin to itch and you'd have green grazes from falling over?  

This is a great example of a family home. I simply cannot wait to see what they churn out when they renovate. It will be brilliant indeed!


  1. Can't wait for my Fiddle Leaf's to get as big as Anna's! (thanks for the tip Anna)

  2. I love all the greenery in her home.... The gorgeous front door in blue is inspiring! Looking forward to see número 2!

  3. I'm such a fan of blue and white. What a lovely place to live in Bris, you can almost feel the breeze in you photos.

  4. Home was looking so beautiful.Thanks for sharing this post.