Thursday, December 9, 2010

ebay listings

I have been a busy bee trying to sort out my hoarding. I'm selling off some bits n pieces and i have to start slow because i really need to put thought into what i'm selling ... just in case, you know? ... i may need it someday ... and it won't be there.

These are the items i've just listed on ebay.
Iron saucer chairs. I have a couple others up my sleeve so am happy to share. Like them in this green. 
This is a great trunk. I keep staring over at it and wonder if i will regret it. It's so masculine and tough looking.
These have been in our kitchen since the beginning. I need a kitchen stool i can stand on and 'A' gets very stressed when i stand on these red ones. They're very fine. Would be better off used to put plants on or for children. Colour's beaut.
This mirrored octagonal planter is very special. I've never seen one before and this too may be a sale riddled with regret. I'm not good at letting go ... the clean out continues.
What else can i try to let go of i wonder? Meanwhile, i have painting to do. Where has this week gone?

This is the link to the above if anyone's interested

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  1. Oh I don't know if I could part with that suitcase. No, I couldn't! Sometimes it's good to re-assess and spring clean. Great idea sharing your ebay items via the blog too! :)