Thursday, December 2, 2010

baths and bad weather

This weather is doing two things. 1. Interfering with my anticipated snorkelling at Tangalooma and 2. allowing me to enjoy a warm bath regardless of the fact it's the introduction of an Australian summer... there's a silver lining to everything. 

I think it's fair to say that you’re either a bath person or a shower person?

I pondered this rooms importance to me, being that i am 200% a bath gal. During the reno the bathroom was my main priority in getting right.  It had to be well appointed with excellent air flow, cosy and lovely to look at (with the door open) AND the toilet was to be out of sight on entry. I snapped some shots of the bathroom as best i could today.

To the left you can see the shower doors. It's built in, same subway wall tile and floor tiles. Toilet sits hidden on the other side of that wall.
Claw foot bath was a must have and the old cigarette table is superb for wine placement, poor little calf there on the ground, he makes the room feel cosy. The lantern was from no other than 'Victorian Living' at Red Hill, fell in love the minute i saw it.  They never let me down.

My vision for the bathroom was crystal clear in my head, but I had no pictures or anything to show people so finding the right floor tiles that were close to concrete in texture and colour was a mission. I was thrilled when i found these at Salvatore Ceramics at Brendale - the subway tile for the walls was the perfect match. 
Pedestal basin and antique bevelled mirror with an old broom cupboard for storage (thanks to Katherine at the Old Boathouse ... 3years ago now) which we spruced up. Was hard to find a tall skinny cupboard that wasn't new laminate. I toyed between this idea and some kartell stackable drawers. Definitely happy with this.  

We added trimming, shelves inside, laquered black and added a new hardware. 
Since the old goods and chattals shop closed down at Woollongabba 2 years ago i have found solace in Paddington hardware for great handles which is where i snagged this stunner. 

We added VJ panelling to the cove where the toilet is (it's just to the left of the cupboard- no need to witness) and linen cupboard sits in behind the louvred door there too. That wall was painted in such a perfect shade of light grey. 'White Gazebo' by Dulux. An antique wooden towel rail takes care of the bath mat
I admire the room often. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine and aids in the daily unwind. I'm desperate to design another bathroom and am always thinking about downstairs and what it will look like. The below bits n pieces i have come across which i like the look of... but they're not quite right.

Having a warm bath in summer turned into a long winded bathroom rant, baths are the best. Maybe someone's gained some inspiration into bathroom renovation... or not. 
Come on sun, shine your love down on me, it's snorkel time!!!!


  1. Wow your bathroom is stunning! Definitely unique and stylish. Love the light you found, a great shade of green I note. We inherited a broom cupboard exactly the same, so you've inspired me. Gorgeous room, everywhere I look!

  2. I'm always on the lookout for great door handles and they're so hard to find! Paddington Hardware here I come. If you love doorhandles, check out some that I recently posted about in Shanghai:

  3. AMAZING! I am truely blown away by how beautiful it is. Are you sure that is the same cupboard?? ha it looks soooo good. Just shows how much vision you have lovie that you could see that old cupboard, unloved and stcuk in a corner under my house and transform him into that. He must just feel so happy to be in your house!! I had a chuckle at the baby calf....poor little chap but he does look perfect. Can't wait to you get to tackle another bathroom. cheers Katherine xx PS WAC chistmas shopping night this week...if you get a chance xx

  4. PS...3 years...3 YEARS..where did that go???

  5. It's even more amazing in real life! Love it.