Monday, December 6, 2010

a converted sideboard

Amongst the many other projects, this has sat gathering dust for about 18 months. Now that we have pushed stage 2 of the house reno out, i decided to get stuck into this one and bring it indoors. I love the carvings. One end is a cocktail cabinet and the other has slots to hold records.
This is it sanded back, i began to have second thoughts on painting it at all... maybe i shouldn't have
Close up on a  a carving on one of the ends.
Colour choice was tough. I wanted my latest green, but then thought better of it with the couch i have (it's a tropical print 50's number). Then i thought black or white. Naaa. How about grey? Yes, i'll do a light grey. So this was the semi-final product
I sat while i looked and then i looked while i sat. Boring, just plain boring no matter which way i eyeballed it. I could barely see the carvings. Black, just had to be. So i picked up a semi gloss tin and slapped on 2 coats and this is the finished product.

We'd already moved it upstairs and hooked up all the electrical when it was grey. Indoor painting in black is not a good idea when you're me...

Those very large speakers had to go somewhere ... underneath is the least offensive

Now i can see the carvings properly. I painted this part with the brush very flat - no bristles so i didn't fill them in.
Much happier with this version, and the little cocktail cupboard just makes it for me - lookswise i mean. I've yet to decide on whether to keep the doors clear or not on the cabinet. I like that it looks lived in - providing i can keep it semi neat. Unfortunately the dvd /sound system / radio player thing doesn't fit inside. Ugh!

I actually finished a project i've been talking about for months, it's a good feeling. What's next??? .....


  1. Looks fantastic in black - well done!!

  2. Yes the grey didn't work at all. What a great result with the black. This is one groovy sideboard, it's amazing.

  3. I am so impressed - it looks fab in black! I'm your new follower thanks to Raine and Sage!

  4. Hi, found your blog via Raine and Sage. Love the sideboard in black - good decision! Looking forward to your next post. Michelle

  5. Oooh this turned out very speccy indeed. I love the black, as the beautiful carving really stands out.
    Megs :)

  6. BTW, I've just fixed up a table that is very similar to this cabinet. You can see it at my latest post.

  7. This is a really cool before and after pictures! Great project. The black paint really bring out the carvings on the sideboard.

  8. I have just bought a drinks cabinet almost identical to yours! I loved it and I am very tempted to paint it. Our home interior is very modern with white gloss coffee table etc. and high gloss dark wood floor and white walls. I want to keep it in the lounge so perhaps painting it black (to match the leather modular sofa) would be the best option, so that I can see the carvings too!