Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend 1

Weekends go to fast. After finalising the setup on the space in the morning of Saturday and doing up a post, i found myself surrounded by a home in disarray. By this stage it was about 11:30am. I also planned to bake a cake and meet the girls for a drink and a 'viewing' of Shop 16 at 3:30pm. Crikey moses i had some work to do!

The girls were so excited about the space, and being that they're a creative crew with independent  likes and dislikes it was great to have some good old fashioned feedback. We then mosied on down to Canvas Bar at the Gabba. Highly recommend.
I did get the cake baked, and following drinks we had dinner with Friends at a local Italian with much to celebrate including the birthday of the fun and fabulous Julie over at Restoring the Old Girl. My packet mix cake was rather pitiful in comparison to the baked from scratch delicacies Jules creates - so i thought that bringing it out at about 11pm was a sure fire way to make it a total hit.

After a thoroughly exhausting Saturday, A and I drove to Springbrook yesterday. We were both tired and lethargic and felt the need for a cruisy drive to look at calm and soothing things. You may remember the Caravan and green besser brick i came across last time we were up there ( click here )? 

This time we saw this
Even the wheels were made of wood - i wonder how long it's been here for? It was on one of the sites that have been demolished. They've been doing a buy back scheme up there to reclaim land to conserve the national park and things are being demolished left right and centre.
I like the colours that years of weathering has brought to it- the moisture in the air up there is incredible, green moss covers everything.
Mist was low yesterday which is when the mountain is the most beautiful i think. A went to explore while i sat in the car and intermittently took photo's of something mossy. The breeze swished the mist around the car - it was freezing cold but smelt of clean, fresh rainforest.

Today i popped into WAC to eye off the space and see how Weekend 1 had faired. It was pretty cool to see some blank space and sold stickers. So i decided to celebrate again and bought this darling honey bunch from the cafe there. He's sitting here in my intray waiting to be eaten - terrified. He's being eyeballed from every direction.
I have bundles of fabric for items of furniture. I just need to decide what will go with what. I like tropical and morrocan prints. Thing is, not everyone else does so i need to put some thought into it. Give me a hand for a tic ... if you were looking for an item of furniture to sit on be it chairs, stools, daybeds, whatever ... what kind of fabric would you like 'off the shelf' style? Tropical, floral, geometric, stripes, block ..


  1. Room dividers.

    We used to drive to Springbrook all the time when I was little. I hated it. Dad loved it. But seeing that misty photo of yours, I've come-over all nostalgic. What a beautiful place ... I should take my children and parents up there, just for old time's sake.

    Thank you, N&N.

  2. I'd like to see tropical...

  3. I like a good cheesy tropical print.

  4. MMMC, get yourself up there. There's a lookout where a creek runs to a waterfall which is spectacular and at that lookout is a covered area with a fireplace. People are often in there with a group having lunch while the fire's going. Just beautiful.

  5. I like all the fabrics I have seen you use thus far, probably geometric is the only one I'm not a fan of. Unless it's retro spots of course.