Sunday, November 7, 2010

nature - my 1st love

Moreton Bay was a dream yesterday. The water was refreshing and the islands were as clear as a bell.

Water and the mountain air invigorates me which is what this weekend consisted of. I took my camera for the first time and thought i'd share a few titbits. So, i've mentioned it was a dream and i did take pics of that but it never comes up quite as stunning as it is in real life. Admire the birds instead. They are 'pied oyster catchers' - so i was told by 'A'. He is a wealth of knowledge with the feathered variety.
Little darlings, they just sat there together looking around - a happy little pair, while 'A' snorkelled and i read the latest 'Inside Out'. We were all very content together.

On the way back in we decided to come down the river past the port which i always enjoy. It is so fascinating both watching it all in action and the sheer size of the ships and the cranes is incredible.  This ship had 3 cranes in the throws of importing stuff into our country. The ship was from China i think. We would've looked like a pea next to it. Last time we came down this way they were unloading cars. Lord knows where they found the 800 people to drive them out of that ship - they just kept on coming.

This anchor would be the size of a small car. There were two on the front. The port really is worth just watching sometimes. There's something powerful and submissive about it all in at the same time.
Onto the mountains (i realise port watching ain't for everyone) Today we had a quiet drive up to Springbrook and Beachmont. It's a lovely mix up there, one minute you're passing large light filled acreage properties with long tree lined driveways that curve out of sight - you wonder what's sits at the end - and the next minute you stumble on the hustle of a little suburbia with it's rows of letterboxes and numerous tracks which shoot off in different directions to what seem like little hollows - cool and shadowed by rainforest. You can hear rainfalls and birds and little padymelons run around everywhere.
We passed this old decrepit caravan which we then reversed and tackled the branches and cobwebs to get a closer shot -  i instantly began to complain about a tick maybe getting in my hair - low and behold i was accompanied by a little leech on my ankle instead. Most disturbing indeed.
It's so damp there - look at this besser brick... this shade of green is adorning something i own. not sure what though -just like the colour of that acrylic grass. brilliant!
Coming back through Beachmont we had the most beautiful home made meat pie and watched the parasailers take off. The view is magical to say the least.
Well, that was my weekend. I achieve nothing other than lungs full of fresh air and a good ole dose of vitamin D. Why can't every day be just as refreshing. Hope you all had a great one too.


  1. Your quickly becoming another of my fave blog writers for your amusing style. Like this slant on a break away. That green besser block is interesting, kind of industrial, cottage, under the sea style. Nature is my love too. x

  2. I am in love with nature too - mother nature is my god for sure. Loving your weekend story and this blog is fantastic, well done!

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